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Pupil Premium

Pupil premium grant expenditure: 2017-18

Overview of the school

Peterbrook Primary School (larger than average primary school: 470 pupils) has OfSTED ‘outstanding’ status (2009) and is a Solihull Local Authority category 2 school. Our school has Gold Artsmark status with Arts Council England, has Youth Sports Trust Gold Award status, School Games Mark Gold Award, Primary Science Quality Mark-Silver Award has been an international school since 2002 with China, Sri Lanka, France and Sweden and is a Green Flag status ECO school. Situated on the border with Birmingham, the school demographic profile is changing noticeably in recent years; there are now more Birmingham pupils (57%) than Solihull pupils (43%) and social deprivation / Free School Meals (FSM) eligibility / parental support needs are increasing annually.

School Achievement motto: ‘If you believe it, you can achieve it’ underpins all our curriculum programmes and activities.

Pupil Premium Provision

Funding Aims:

  • To provide all pupils (including pupils eligible for FSM) with a range of exciting, challenging curricular and extra-curricular opportunities
  • To provide specific targeted support for the learning, social and emotional needs of disadvantaged pupils, including all pupils on FSM register
  • To narrow the attainment gap between the highest and lowest achieving pupils with a particular focus on all pupils on the FSM register
  • To engage with parents of disadvantaged pupils, with a particular focus on early years intervention in Foundation Key Stage, to encourage an increased participation in their children’s school and home learning,  via a range of support programmes.


What is Pupil Premium?


The Pupil Premium was introduced in April 2011 and is allocated to schools to work with pupils who have been registered for free school meals at any point in the last six years (known as ‘Ever 6 FSM’). The Pupil Premium grant per pupil for 2017-2018 is as follows:


Type of pupil

Pupil Premium per pupil

Pupils recorded as Ever 6 FSM


Looked After Children





If as a parent, you receive any of the following support payments then your child may be entitled to receive free school meals:


  • Income Support
  • Income-based Jobseekers Allowance
  • Income-related Employment and Support Allowance
  • Support under Part VI of the Immigration and Asylum Act 1999
  • The guaranteed element of State Pension Credit
  • Child Tax Credit (provided you’re not also entitled to Working Tax Credit and have an annual gross income of no more than £16,190)
  • Working Tax Credit run-on - paid for 4 weeks after you stop qualifying for Working Tax Credit
  • Universal Credit


If you think your child is entitled to free school meals, then please visit our School Office and we’ll provide you with an easy-to-complete application form.


Peterbrook Pupil Premium Programme: 2017-18

After a study of the Sutton Trust paper (‘Strategies to Improve Learning: Summary for schools spending the pupil premium’ – Durham University: May 2011) the following support programmes were designed and introduced for all pupils and their families:

  • Pupil self-esteem and aspiration: providing all pupils with continuous, effective feedback regarding their learning progress: tracking individual pupil learning progress closely, particularly for all vulnerable pupil groups eg. FSM pupils. 
  • FSM Database: a comprehensive database of all FSM pupil engagements with the curriculum and tracking their learning progress, eg. intervention 1:1 support, attendance, engagement with extra-curricular clubs, etc.
  • Child & Family Support Worker appointment: a large range of support programmes and activities have been introduced, since September 2011, to support the needs of vulnerable pupils, for example:
    • Early Years intervention with children and parents: ‘Welcome to Nursery’ programme, weekly presence in nursery, key person role
    • Engagement with mums and their children: in partnership with Solihull College for weekly ‘Family Learning Programmes: Basic English and Basic Mathematics’ qualifications: two afternoons per week
    • Engagement with pupils: support for vulnerable pupils (80+ pupils referred and supported) and participation of FSM pupils in a range of programmes eg. ‘Keep Cool’ programme (anger management), ‘Playground Pals’ programme (pupil buddies)
    • Engagement activities with parents / carers 100% financial support via Pupil Premium funding for: coffee mornings, aerobics classes, accompanied visits to local Childrens’ Centres, termly mum & siblings school trips to theatre, community farm and seaside: parents / carers of FSM pupils supported and engaged
    • Other engagement activities with FSM families: use of Community Room, a programme of home visits (50+ families supported) and engagement of parents (currently 9 participants) in a bespoke programme ‘Understanding your Child’s Behaviour : The Solihull Approach’: a parent support group
  • Medical Care Assistant appointment: introduced in September 2013, all pupils with specific medical care needs are supported daily by a trained care assistant and specific FSM pupils receive bespoke care programmes which reinforce their confidence and self-esteem
  • Speech & Language Therapist appointment: introduced in January 2013, our speech and language therapist (funded jointly by our school Collaborative), provides a weekly intensive early years intervention programme for all pupils requiring support in FKS.
  • Extra-Curricular Clubs Programme: FSM pupils financially supported for all club equipment and attendance costs eg. Film Club, Breakdancing Club, Cheerleading Club, Learning Curves Dance Club, Basketball Club, Solihull Moors Football Coaching Club, Digital Photography Club, Martial Arts, etc.
  • Music Peripatetic Lessons: FSM pupils invited to participate in weekly instrumental tuition: all costs paid
  • Swimming Lessons: All costs paid for FSM pupils
  • Residential Education Programme: Year 4 St. Briavel’s Castle (3 days), Year 5 Dunfield House (4 days), Year 6 Llanrug Outdoor Pursuits Centre, Snowdonia (5 days).  FSM pupils invited to participate and all transport and accommodation costs paid.
  • Aspirations Programme: a programme to support our JIGSAW curriculum (A Mindful Approach to Physical, Social &  Health Education) via school assemblies, powerpoint presentations and meeting inspirational adult role-models. Designed to encourage all pupils to believe in themselves and have confidence in their capabilities.
  • 1:1 Learning Support Tuition Programme: Additional teaching hours have been timetabled to facilitate focused intervention groups for all FSM pupils. FSM pupils engage in weekly 1:1 sessions with teaching staff to focus on two key areas for support:
    • Tracking learning progress and supporting individual learning needs in English and mathematics – narrowing the gap
    • Emotional Intelligence: using strategies to encourage pupils to believe in themselves and view their learning engagement positively
  • ECO Garden/Lottery Award: designed by the pupils on our ECO Council and maintained by pupils and trained by Grow Organic. Garden grows organic vegetables (that are harvested and used by our school cooks) and flowers. Pupils (including FSM) participate in gardening which support our ECO curriculum and our Healthy Schools status.
  • Family Learning Partnerships: In partnership with Solihull College, we offer FREE English and Mathematics Functional Skills qualifications for parents, in school for 2 afternoons per week, for 10 weeks per term (total 30 sessions), with a tutor. For 4 of the 10 afternoons per term, each parent’s child joins them, with a Peterbrook teacher, to engage in a shared learning project together. Focus is on supporting the needs of all parents, particularly those parents with eligible FSM children. Our Child & Family Support Worker also attends and offers support with the FSM parents/children.  We now offer sewing classes in conjunction with Solihull College.
  • ICT Provision

We have enhanced our ICT provision across the school, purchasing a class set of laptops and 140 i-pads.  This provision is mobile, allowing ICT to come to every classroom and therefore significantly boosting the time allocation of ICT.  This enables all children to have access to high quality ICT. 

  • Subject Leader release time

To enable Subject Leaders to work alongside colleagues, observing teaching & learning and carrying out work scrutinies.  To ensure all children in the phase are reaching their full potential.

  • Teaching Assistant in Year 2

Year 2 have Teaching Assistant support in each class every morning to support teaching and learning.  Year 2 share a TA during the afternoons.  This additional provision allows small group teaching, interventions and targeted 'catch up' for all pupils and especially disadvantaged children.

  • Deputy Headteacher PM KS2-working with the most able

To provide 'challenge' and ensure pupils make at least expected progress.


Number of pupils and pupil premium grant (PPG) received

Total number of pupils on roll


Total number of pupils eligible for PPG

105 pupils eligible for FSM over past 6 years

5 Looked After Children (LAC)

Amount of PPG received per pupil

£1320 FSM LAC £1900

Service £300

Total amount of PPG received





Pupils receiving the ‘premium’ are evidencing sustained learning progress and funding has provided new opportunities for us to support the learning of all pupils, to develop our creative curriculum and to develop a support culture for the parents of disadvantaged pupils. As a school, we take every opportunity to openly promote our belief that it is acceptable, indeed favourable, for eligible pupils to be on the FSM register and so aid the partnership work we undertake for the benefit of all our learners.

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