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Our Nursery Routine

Our Nursery Routine:


8:45 / 12:30 - Children are welcomed into Nursery, assisted with their coats and self registration and then they explore freely the activities in the classroom.


The children are enjoying "signing in" (practising writing their name) on three separate occasions per week.

The Kangaroos "sign in" on Monday.

The Penguins "sign in on Tuesday.

The Tigers "sign in" on Wednesday.

All children "sign in" on Thursday.

Parents/carers help all children "sign in" on Friday.


9:00 / 12:45 - Family Group Time - we discuss the date, weather, count the children in our group, before outlining the learning for the session and we have a learning talk to introduce the children to the new activities around the classroom and outside.


9:15 / 1:00 Focused Teaching Activity and Independent Learning, both indoors and outdoors, supported by adult play partners.


10:25 / 2:10 Tidy and Toilet - Snack, story, review of learning and planning of new learning within the classroom.


10:45 / 2:30 Focused Teaching Activity and Independent Learning to recommence indoors only.


11:20 / 3:05 Targeted Teaching

Mon, Tues, Wed = Letters and Sounds Focus in Family Groups.

Thurs = Nursery Rhyme Focus as a whole class.

Fri = Maths Focus in small groups.


11:40 / 3:25 Get ready to go home or to PAWS.




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