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What is happening with netball now?


The competitive games and training sessions are now finished for this academic year. There are try outs for the squad for next year at the end of June/beginning of July. These try outs will be for year 4 and year 5 girls and boys. There will be one squad of 14 players. If you have previously been in the team, you still need to try out. Please keep in mind that there will be one team, not two and there can only be 7 players attending matches so not everyone will necessarily play despite attending training sessions. It is important that we have a combination of Y5 and Y6 players to continue the development of the squad.

2016-2017 Netball squad

2016-2017 Netball squad 1

Netball Tournament

Netball Tournament 1
Netball Tournament 2
Netball Tournament 3
Netball Tournament 4
Netball Tournament 5
Netball Tournament 6
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Netball Tournament 12

Game results


On Tuesday 4th April, the netball team competed in a tournament with 13 other schools, at Lode Heath School. The team managed to secure 3rd place after recording 3 wins, a draw and two losses. The matches were end to end entertainment, seeing the girls go from one emotion to the next. Six 12 minute games were played over the 2 hour period and by the end of it, everyone was exhausted including our sideline squad of supporters who were encouraging the players. Thank you for the positive attitude, your effort and your manners. You have conducted yourself in the very way that Peterbrook expects and you have made your school incredibly proud!


Game one - Vs St Andrews Won 7-1

The girls were absolutely amazing. The passing from Alex from the defensive position set up some incredible movements and passing. This first win was a great confidence boost going into the next match against one of the toughest teams there.


Game two - Vs OLC (Our Lady of Compassion) Draw 3-3

This game was very hard. We were 3 goals down after 4 minutes from the start. After a quick talk at change over, Aijshe-Bleu and Keira Dando were passing the ball so well. Aisjhe scored our 3 goals in a row to level the game. We had one last shot at the siren but unfortunately it wasn't to be.


Game three - Vs Berkswell Loss 5-4

This was incredibly close. Poor Niamh had to defend a player who was as tall as Mr Rowe. Well done Niamh for the umphs and arhhs as you jumped around doing your very best. With 20 seconds to go, we had 2 shots on goal, but, the ball was recovered and went up the other end and went in the air on the siren... in it went! Very heartbreaking for all of us to watch that happen! Keira did score 3 in a row!


Game four - Vs Meridin Loss 5-2

At half time it was 2-2 and we were looking really good to win. Wasn't to be and after a quick 3 goals against us, it was over. This team had remained unbeaten and unchallenged until they met us it was said.


Game five - Vs Dorridge Win 3-1

The girls were now very tired, it was showing. But, a win is a win! Well done!


Game six - Vs Monkspath Win 3-1

After rallying the girls together to play what we knew was going to be very tough, they went onto the court with a positive attitude and bravery. This team had only just thrashed us 2 weeks ago and so the children were a little worried. No need to be, because after just 45 seconds we were winning. One nil became 1-1. After a very determined effort, our girls brought home another win. Are we proud of you? You bet we are, Peterbrook! Well done for the win, your effort and the cheers at the end.




Thank you to...


A big thank you to the Peterbrook Netball team sponsor RIKFIT tyres. Mr Cooper has very generously sponsored our school team, so look out for the RIKFIT logo, on the skort and the back of the shirt. Our new uniforms look amazing, thank you!


Mrs Dando and Mrs Smart have dedicated their time and effort towards training the netball teams and assisting in matches, umpiring and taking girls to and from the venues. Thank you very much to both of you, it is always appreciated.


Thank you to the parents for your support, sideline shouts of encouragement and patience. 


Thank you to the netball squad. You have worked, trained hard with smiles. There has been reward for your effort at the end and you now have some lovely memories which I am certain you will never forget!



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