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Miss Belcher 5B

Week Ending: 17th November 2017


What a week! We have been so busy and have had lots of fun throughout!


We have moved onto multiplication and division in maths where we have been focusing on multiplying a two-digit number by another two-digit number – this takes a lot of time to get used to all the steps involved but I have been so proud of all the children’s perseverance and have loved seeing them challenge themselves by moving on from the grid method to the expanded column method!  


I hope the children have enjoyed our work in English as much as I have this week! We have been practicing our debating skills in order to produce a balanced argument about whether Howard Carter and his workers should enter the tomb if there is a curse on it. 


We ended the week with a very special day to raise money for Children in Need, thank you to all who donated, every penny counts! Keep a look out for our photos from our photo booth! frown

Week Ending: 10th November 2017

We have been super busy once again in 5B! We have been working hard and putting in our best efforts over these past two weeks!


In English we have been enjoying our work on Howard Carter and his discovery of Tutankhamen’s Tomb, which was quite an unusual discovery! We even can’t decide whether the water boy deserves more credit than Mr Carter – hopefully we can come to an agreement by the end of this topic!


In maths we have been showing off our fractions skills and really working hard to get to grips with using protractors to measure and draw angles – we have improved dramatically over the week and are getting much better at this and I am proud of all the children with their resilience in this area smiley.


We have moved onto a new topic in science where we are looking at forces and have already completed some fantastic experiments and have plenty more to look forward too!


In 5B we are really lucky because we get to complete our Romans topic before 5H! We have all been fascinated by this topic so far and are really impressed with their army although, I don’t think many of us would have liked to have been a part of it for 20 years! Remember 5B no spoilers to 5H surprise!


Thank you for all your bottle donations for the Christmas fayre! frown

Week Ending: 13th October 2017


Another fantastic week in 5B! It was lovely to meet all the parents and carers that came for parents evening on Tuesday and Wednesday, I have been so impressed by how well we have settled into Year 5 and how we have taken on the work with mature attitudes.


In English we have been writing our quest stories based around our work on 'Traditional Tales From Other Cultures' and I am really excited to read them this week after hearing all of your exciting ideas during our planning stages.


In maths we have been tackling some more work on fractions, decimals and percentages, including working on how to calculate a percentage of a number.


We are coming to the end of our science topic on space cool but we are looking forward to our experiment next week! We discussed why the moon looks different throughout the course of a month as well as learning the special names for the different shapes of the moon!


Keep it up 5B - one week to go until a well-deserved break! frown

Week Ending: 6th October 2017


I have been extremely impressed over the past two weeks with how well 5B have been handling the challenges set in maths and English!


We are starting to become familiar with relative clauses and parenthesis in English and we are becoming more confident with our fractions, decimals and percentages in maths!


We are enjoying our Space topic still and have been looking into what causes night and day and how shadows play an important role in this!


We had a great Green Day where we looked at answering the question - what would happen to Halloween if we didn't have the Rainforest? We even made pledges as to how we can protect the Rainforest by making simple changes to our daily lives. Thank you for all your kind donations for our Harvest Festival, it was an enormous success!


Let's continue working hard next week 5B!

Week Ending: Friday 22nd September


Wow, this week has flown by! We have settled really well into Year 5 and now we are in full swing!


We've had a fantastic week, working really hard across all areas of the curriculum. In Maths, we have been working on place value; ordering, comparing and rounding numbers up to 1,000,000.


We have finished our first short story on the Purple Lady within our English lessons and have written some fantastic summaries of the story.


We have also had lots of fun in Science where we have been looking at our topic Earth and Space which has involved us looking at the planets in our Solar System and conducting some research on a planet of our choice.


Keep up the hard work and great attitude!

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