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Minutes 2015-16

18th April 2016


Present: Mrs Edwards, Ben, Oliver, Tia, Heather, Daniel, Pippa, April, Lauren, Laila, Sophie, Lauren, Ava, Demi-Leigh, James, Ajshe-Blue and Sam


Today we met up with Wellies 2 Bellies to learn how to plant and manage the garden.  First we learnt that the best soil for planting was called 'loamy' soil.  After that we started turning over the soil in the bedding areas and removing the weeds.  This was a lot of hard work and took most of the day.  We then added compost to the beds and mixed it in with the soil that was already there.  Throughout the day, we planted onions, potatoes, carrots, herbs, parsnips as well as flowers.  We collected lots of worms to put in our compost - this was a very slimy job!


In the afternoon, Daniella taught us how to compost which was very useful!  We learnt that you have to have 1 part brown to 2 parts green.  Brown included shredded paper, leaves, cardboard, tea bags etc and green included weeds, grass and fruit skins.  We started the compost off and will continue to do this in the future.


I also gave Daniella the winning sign for the ECO-Garden which was designed by Ben Malloy in 3R!  Well done to Heather from 2H and Riel from 3R who were the runners up.  Mrs Thorne had a hard time judging them!  Below are the 3 designs - the winning one at the top!

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

7th March 2016


Present: Mrs Edwards, Ben, Oliver, Daniel, Tia, April, Pippa, Sophie, Laila, Demi-Leigh



​Today we came together to discuss which ECO code we thought would be best for our school.  They were all fantastic and we found that we all had very similar ideas and they were all almost the same.  However, the one that we picked had all of our current aims on so we chose that one.  Mrs Edwards said that she would type it up and hand it out to everyone next week so that they can put it up in the classrooms and share it with their class.  Mrs Edwards has also put a copy on the website.

1st February 2016


Present: Mrs Edwards, Ben, Oliver, Daniel, Tia, April, Pippa, Sophie, Laila, Demi-Leigh


Today Mrs Edwards told the children that we would be changing the ECO code this year as it will need to be updated.  The children were given the task of choosing a new word to be the topic word of the acrostic poem.  The children had a vote and decided to use 'Our World'.  The children wrote it on a piece of paper and took it back to their classrooms to complete with their class.


Mrs Edwards also said that during our next meeting, we would be thinking about rules for the pond.

11th January 2016


Present: Mrs Edwards, Ben, Oliver, Daniel, Tia, April, Pippa, Sophie, Laila, Demi-Leigh


We reviewed the rotas.  Mrs Edwards reminded them to make sure they check for litter when they go out to break and at lunch times.  She also told them to make sure they stay on task when recycling and not distract others.


The children spent the time today thinking about what they would like to do this year.  Most of them were similiar to what Mrs Edwards had put on her action plan.  Here are the main points:


  • When the garden is finished, the children would like a timetabled slot to go and look after it, preferrably by class.
  • They would like to develop a new ECO code to reflect what we are doing.
  • On the next green day, they would like to focus on water and design posters to put in the toilets to remind people to switch the taps off.
  • They would like to design new energy posters for each classroom as a pledge to save energy.

14th December 2015


Present: Mrs Edwards, Ben, Oliver, Daniel, Tia, April, Pippa, Sophie, Laila, Ajshe-Bleu

Today we completed the Environmental Review.  These were our findings:


  • Litter/Rubbish - We found that the playground was mainly free of litter and that there are plenty of bins.
  • Waste: We are good at recycling paper but we will need to look into recycling other materials such as phones or batteries.
  • Energy - We are pleased with how our energy project is going.  We are elected monitors to check things are switched off during break and lunch times.
  • Water: We have self stopping taps and no leaks.  We are going to get water hippos for the toilet to save more water.
  • School Grounds and Biodiversity - this is our area of improvement and this will be sorted once the garden is finished.
  • Transport - although we don't take part in the walk once a week scheme, we are going to take part in the walk to school week in May.
  • Healthy Living - This is our strongest area.  We agreed we are a healthy school.
  • Global Perspective - We thought our Green Day work was good evidence for this.

19th October 2015


Present: Mrs Edwards, Ben, Oliver, Daniel, Tia, April, Pippa, Sophie, Laila, Ajshe-Bleu

Mrs Edwards explained that this would be a short meeting due to a lady from Shirley library being here to hand out medals.  We talked about the new garden and the children were shown the new designs for the garden which they are very happy about.  Pippa was very happy as she won the competition for who was the closest person to guess how much the garden would cost.  Mrs Edwards then announced the results of the 'adopt an animal' vote.  Ashje-Bleu and April are going to plan a short speech to read out in assembly, telling the children about the new garden and animal.


28th September 2015


Present: Mrs Edwards, Ben, Oliver, Daniel, Tia, April, Pippa, Sophie, Laila, Ajshe-Bleu, 

Absent: Demi-Leigh (Swimming), Sam and James (Residential)


Mrs Edwards welcomed the new year 1 children and handed out new badges.  We focused on recycling today and who would do what during Wednesday's singing practice.  It was decided that the following children would do the following rooms: -


Ajshe-Bleu and Oliver - Year 1 classrooms

Demi-Leigh and Ben - Reception classrooms

Sophie and Tia - Paws and nursery

Laila and Daniel - Year 2 classrooms

Sam and James - Office and ICT

Pippa and April - Year 3 and 4 classrooms


The children expressed concern that Lorraine could not supervise them as she was busy. Mrs Edwards said that she would speak to Mrs Thorne about how to move forward with this.


We then talked about litter picking and it was decided that we would trial not having a rota and doing a quick sweep of the playground each day.  We will review it in a few weeks.

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