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Home/School Learning Resources

At Nursery we have home/school learning resources which we lend to families each week to enable parents to support their Nursery child's education through fun and engaging activities the whole family can join in with.

Our Nursery Library

We have a great selection of books within our Nursery Library so there is a book to spark every child's interest in reading and develop their life long love of stories.

Our Library books change every half term, but don't worry if your child brings home the same book twice, repetition is how young children learn best and with their favourite stories your child can start telling you the story instead, using what they've heard before as well as the pictures as clues to what's happening - the first stages of reading.


Home Resource Bags


The Motor Skills Bag (the green bag)

The activities in this bag support the Physical Development of your Nursery child.

With big (gross motor) physical game suggestion cards, cones, a ball and a beanbag as well as fiddley (fine motor) activities such as cutting and threading, this bag promotes all round physical development in fun ways that are easy to copy and make at home.

In this bag you will find :

Picture 1
Picture 2

Bruno - Our class bear

Bruno loves adventures and every school holiday Bruno is off around the world finding out about the animals and people that live in countries that are far away. When Bruno comes to visit your house he loves to share his adventures and has books about where he has been to share with you to help your family find out more. 

Please continue Bruno's adventures by introducing him to your family, writing a message about what he does at your house and even adding some photos of his adventures with you. Where will you take him? To the park? To a party? To a family members house? Will he meet your pets or play with your toys? What will his next adventure be?

In Bruno's bag you will find :

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

Every child is a talker - Our cooking bag

This bag is definitely the most popular of our resource bags! We provide all the resources your child needs to make cakes with you together at home, all you need to do is add some toppings. The purpose of this bag is that as a family you share and talk about what you need to do to turn the ingredients into cakes. The picture recipe card enables your child to read the instructions to you and then together your family can talk about the changes you see as well as safety and hygiene when cooking.

Whilst waiting for your cakes to bake, and after the washing up, there is a lovely book of mixed up rhymes for you to share, I wonder who can make the funniest rhyme?

In this bag you will find : 

Picture 1
Picture 2

Homework Folders

Each child has a blue homework folder (see below)

Homework in Nursery supports what we are learning about in the classroom and is designed to be fun for your child. We aim to provide a variety of activities from mark making and counting to making and creating. Please try and spend 10 minutes once a week with your child to complete these activities. Encouraging your child to do their homework will help your child to fulfill their learning potential and it also help to promote good habits for the rest of their learning journey throughout their school life.

Below is a timetable of when our home/school resources are sent home and when they need to be returned to Nursery. Please ensure you return any resources borrowed on the set days to enable every child to have a chance to borrow every resource. Thank you for your support.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

Home Resource bags

to be returned to Nursery


Library books and Homework Folders 

to be returned to Nursery



All Children choose a Library book to bring home

Homework Folders sent home

Home Resource bags sent home -

(3 children a week)



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