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Green Day Spring 2013

Green Day - Spring 2013


For our Spring Term 'Green Day', we focussed on waste and why it is important to reduce, reuse and recycle. As you can see below, we all had a great time, as well as learning an important message.



We started off the day with a whole school assembly.  The ECO Councillors did a fantastic job and the rest of the school participated in a fun 'fact or fiction' game!





Reception made houses out of recyclable materials.




Year 1

Year 1 have had fun sorting recycling, making robots, mascots and colouring in waste pictures!






Year 2


We brought in lots of different junk material from home including plastic bottles, tins, cardboard boxes and ice cream containers with the objective of making different musical instruments from our ‘junk’ material. To begin with we watched a short video clip about someone who had made instruments from various junk material to give us ideas. Then we selected the materials we needed to create our instruments. We all had chance to play them to each other and demonstrate what we made! Some of us even made ‘two in one’ instruments – some which could be used as shakers and some which could be used as drums! Can you see the different types of instruments we have created?


We had a class circle time talking about the concept of ‘waste’ and our ideas for helping to reduce, re-use and recycle linked to the assembly in the morning. Then we made models out of our junk that we had brought into school. There were all sorts of ideas from planes to jet packs to houses to drums!! What a fun day!!





Year 3



Year 3 have looked at projects where building materials have been either re-used or come from a recycling process:  Straw bale, tyres and glass – bottles.


We have also considered other ways whereby architects and builders have reduced the carbon footprint by equipping the houses with: water towers to re-use rain water, wind turbines to use the power of the wind, composting toilets to avoid the use of chemicals and save water and light tubes.




We have built two different houses using our recycling materials. Each piece of board or plastic represents one of the building materials we have discussed and investigated.





Year 4

Year 4 having fun learning about recycling.





Year 5

Year 5 had fun learning about recycling and making posters!






Year 6

Year 6 had fun learning about recycling and making fabulous posters.









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