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Week ending 22nd September 2017


In English, we have learned about expanded noun phrases to try and make our writing better.  This means that instead of saying:

The bear, you might write: The brown grizzly bear. 


We then looked at the similarities and differences between the traditional tale: The Three Little Pigs and the fractured story: The Three Little Wolves. The children really enjoyed doing this and we then based our big write on our comparisons.


Homework: Children need to sort the given words according to whether they are a noun (place, person or thing), a verb (an action or doing word) or an adjective (a describing word).

Week Ending: 15th September 2017


In English, we have started our topic on ‘Fractured Stories’ which basically means that a familiar story has been changed.  We have read ‘Cinderboy’ who had an evil step dad and step brothers and he wanted to go to a football match.  We have looked at alternative words to said, inverted commas, using commas in a list and finally  we have written a character profile.  See below for the powerpoints we used this week.


Homework is self explanatory.  You might want to get your children to use a thesaurus for alternative said words - there are plenty online.

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