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Eco Minutes - October 2016

October Minutes!

Present: Miss Belcher, Joseph, Adham, Joe, Oliver, Daniel, Jahaan, April, Pippa, Laila, Sophie, Demi-Leigh and Jamie.


Absent: Ben, Tia, Chloe and Sarah. 


Date: Monday 17th October during assembly. 


In today's meeting we focused on introducing our new members to our team and explaining our job roles to them. We also decided on some of the issues we would like to focus on this year. Miss Belcher explained that for the current (old) members of the Eco-council that this would be their last year as Eco-councillors as other children would like to have a go! She also told us about the fantastic job we have done over the years and that we should make this year our best work. We also had our pictures taken so that the website could be updated.


Miss Belcher asked us how we thought the current recycling on a Wednesday was going and we replied that we thought it was going well and we are finding new ways to get quicker and more efficient every time! We have decided that one of the issues we would like to look into is the different things that we could possibly recycle as a school such as plastic milk bottles! We also discussed how we thought the litter picking went last year and we discussed the different issues that we had such as other children following us onto the back school field whilst we are trying to litter pick. Miss Belcher agreed to look into ways that we could address these issues and reminded us that we need to do a litter audit soon to see where litter pickers need to go! 


We also highlighted that we would like to encourage more wildlife into the school and Eco-Garden such as birds. We felt that we could do this by creating different habitats for wildlife and possibly setting up a feeding station. We also discussed what we would like to see grown in the garden next year - we all expressed an interest in Pumpkins being grown and possibly creating a school competition to see which class creates the best Jack O lantern for our Halloween Disco! 


We said that we would like to enter a competition if possible this year so that we can show off all of our hard work as a school; Miss Belcher said she would look into different competitions for us and she would update us in our next meeting. We thought that if we entered a competition we could also plant flowers outside of the main reception and possibly create hanging baskets for the gazebos. 


That concluded our meeting. 



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