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Eco Minutes - February 2017

February Minutes!


Present: Miss Belcher, Joseph, Adham, Joe, Daniel, Jahaan, April, Pippa, Laila, Sophie, Demi-Leigh, Tia and Sarah.


Absent: Ben, Oliver, Chloe and Jamie.


Date – Wednesday 15th February during assembly.


Miss Belcher explained that today’s meeting was to discuss the issue of litter in the school. As eco-councillors we have also noticed an increase in the amount of litter on our school playground.


Our first discussion was about how the wind is blowing litter from outside our school inside our school. Miss Belcher explained that sadly this was out of our control but we could control the clean-up of the litter. She explained that Year 5 has currently been completing litter picks on a daily basis and this seemed to have helped reduce the litter dramatically. She has suggested creating a litter pick timetable for each year group where children can come and collect the litter pickers and help in the reduction of litter in our school. As eco-councillors we decided this sounded like a good idea and may help in stopping children from littering! She also suggested that we could make it into a competition to see which the best year at cleaning up our school is.


We decided that as eco-councillors we will do a big litter pick at least once a half-term to help with the reduction. Miss Belcher said she will discuss all of this with Mrs Thorne and the other teachers. She also discussed how she was still communicating with the school’s caretaker about bins.


This was only a very short meeting as we had to complete our recycling for the week! Miss Belcher thanked us for our hard work and contributions and said she will feed back to us at our next meeting!

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