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Eco Minutes - April 2017

April Minutes!


Present: Miss Belcher, April, Chloe, Pippa, Laila, Sophie, Sarah, Jamie, Demi-Leigh.


Absent: Joseph, Adham, Joe, Daniel, Jahaan, Tia, Ben and Oliver.


Date – Wednesday 5th April during afternoon sessions.


Today’s meeting was called to discuss a project that is possibly happening near our Eco-garden. Miss Belcher explained that currently this project is not known by the other children in the school as it is still in its planning stage but she wanted to find out some of our thoughts and ideas.


We came up with some fantastic suggestions which Miss Belcher will take forward to the next planning meeting. Some of the suggestions include: a canopy, fruit trees, wellington boots storage, a class set of waterproofs, tipis and lots more! Hopefully we will be able to reveal more to you all soon, as we are very excited!


She also reminded us that it is Green Day on Friday and that we are focusing on water and how we can preserve it. She was also very happy to hear that some of us were going on a bug hunt this afternoon – hopefully it went well, Miss Belcher would love to see some pictures!


That concluded today’s meeting.

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