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              MINUTES of the MEETING                

10th July 2012

Mrs Edwards, Ajshe-Blue Fejzullahu, Demi-Leigh Andrews, Hayden Marlow, Holly Nelson, Katie Adams, Hannah Taylor, Caitlin Scott, Daniel Thomas, Charlotte Edwards, Chelsea Jones.

  • Welcome and register taken.
  • Mrs Edwards told the children that we will be practising for the assembly next week.
  • We split into two groups.  The infants finished their 'green day' posters and the juniors wrote thank you letters to Orbit Housing Group.
  • Meeting closed at 9.30am.


4th July 2012

Mrs Edwards, Ajshe-Blue Fejzullahu, Demi-Leigh Andrews, Hayden Marlow, Holly Nelson, Katie Adams, Hannah Taylor, Caitlin Scott, Daniel Thomas, Charlotte Edwards, Chelsea Jones.

  • Welcome and register taken
  • The children were split into two groups: infants and juniors.
  • The infants started to design a poster to put up for Green Day on 18th July 2012.  They will finish them next week.
  • The juniors talked through the trip on Monday.  They are to come to Mrs Edwards' classroom in their school uniform and with a packed lunch.  Then then wrote down some questions that they might like to ask the housing company.  Mrs Edwards will type them up ready for Monday.
  • We then looked at the assembly script for ECO day and the children who wanted to participate were allocated parts and will be put in their register on Thursday.  They are to read through the script ready to run through next week.
  • Mrs Edwards explained that she would not be in tomorrow but the children should continue with their recycling tasks.
  • Meeting closed at 9.30am

26th June 2012

Mrs Edwards, Ajshe-Blue Fejzullahu, Demi-Leigh Andrews, Hayden Marlow, Holly Nelson, Katie Adams, Hannah Taylor, Caitlin Scott, Daniel Thomas, Charlotte Edwards, Chelsea Jones.

  • Welcome and Register Taken
  • Mrs Edwards explained that future meetings would be held in the ICT suite.  
  • The juniors were asked to make sure their trip reply slips were handed back ASAP.
  • Explained today's task.  The children split into pairs and went onto the computers to find out facts for various topics: energy, transport, water and recycling.  Will finish next week and Mrs Edwards will put on the website.
  • Chelsea and Charlotte wrote a script about the ECOKIDS textiles collection which is to be read out in assembly next week.  They didn't finish so they have agreed to do it one lunch time.
  • Meeting closed at 9.30am.
  • Recycling boxes were emptied on Thursday.

19th June 2012

Mrs Edwards, Ajshe-Blue Fejzullahu, Demi-Leigh Andrews, Hayden Marlow, Holly Nelson, Katie Adams, Hannah Taylor, Caitlin Scott, Daniel Thomas,  Charlotte Edwards, Chelsea Jones.

  • Welcome and register taken.
  • Mrs Edwards mentioned that the recycling was not being done once a week due to various other commitments from the children.  Therefore, it was decided that the children would empty the recycling boxes on a Thursday during assembly time.  A new rota was made with children being allocated a partner and box.  Charlotte said that she couldn't do the recycling at that time so she nominated Hannah Pettigrew to do this.
  • Children were reminded to continue litter picking at lunch times.
  • Talked briefly about the trip - the children will be given letters on Thursday when they come to do the recycling.  The infant children seemed disappointed that they were not going.  Mrs Edwards said that if the trip was successful, we might go again at some point.
  • Also briefly talked about Green day and that each year group would have a different topic and that we wouldn't use energy in the morning.
  • The children were keen to hand out certificates to some children as they been really helpful with ECO tasks, including one child who picked up a piece of litter without being asked.  The names were given to Mrs Edwards and she will sort them out.  The councillors asked if they could present the awards to the children.  Mrs Edwards said that she would find out.
  • Meeting Closed at 9.35am.
  • Recycling was emptied on Thursday

29th May 2012

Mrs Edwards, Ajshe-Blue Fejzullahu, Demi-Leigh Andrews, Hayden Marlow, Holly Nelson, Katie Adams, Hannah Taylor, Caitlin Scott, Daniel Thomas, Jade Margetts, Isabella Henderson, Charlotte Edwards, Chelsea Jones.

  • Welcome and register taken
  • Children told that teachers have been complaining that the recycling isn't being done.  Have reminded children that it needs to be done and the tick list ticked.  Mrs Edwards did remind children that I didn't expect them to give up their own time to do it, however, if they say that want to do it then they should do it.
  • The litter picking posters were collected and will be put on the outside gates.  Mrs Edwards will talk to Mr Barton about putting them up.
  • Asked Mr McGaw about the notebooks and he said that we can have access to them on Tuesday 19th June 2012.  We will look at the website then.
      Green Day
  • ECO Councillors wanted to take on a big part to the day.
  • Want to do an assesmbly about energy and to feed back on the trip.
  • Talked about making stuff out of recyclable material, possibly dressing up their ECO councillor.
  • Want to have a day without energy.  Could registers be done on paper for that day only?  Mrs Edwards said that she would ask.
  • Also suggested a whole school litter picking exercise.  
  • A suggestion was also made about having a stall.
  • Mrs Edwards said that she would discuss these ideas with Mrs Thorne.
  • Chelsea had a concern about the water taps in the toilets.  She said that they went on for over 5 minutes.  She considered that to be a waste of water and so did the other children.  Mrs Edwards said that she would talk to Mr Barton about it.
  • One councillor also said that she regularly sees litter in the toilet, for example, wrappers.  Mrs Edwards will talk to Mrs Thorne about this issue.  Maybe we could talk to the children in assembly.
  • All of the children would like to see the ECO certificates handed out.  Mrs Edwards told them that if they think someone has done something good to help the environment then they can come and tell me.
  • Meeting closed at 9.30am
16th May 2012
Mrs Edwards, Ajshe-Blue Fejzullahu, Demi-Leigh Andrews, Hayden Marlow, Holly Nelson, Katie Adams, Hannah Taylor, Caitlin Scott, Daniel Thomas, Jade Margetts,  Charlotte Edwards, Chelsea Jones.
  • Welcome and register taken.
  • Eco Code given to those absent from the previous week.
  • Chelsea fed back that she had shared the ECO code with her class and also asked them for suggestions of how we can improve our school.  Chelsea will report back to us as and when she has any suggestions.
  • Daniel told us that we could do with updating the photos on the website.  Mrs Edwards said that she would arrange with Mr.McGaw after our Olympics day.
  • Hannah felt that she had too many jobs on the rota on a single day.  We adapted the rota to suit and will hand out new rota next week.
  • Gave new badges out to the children who had lost theirs and told that there might be a charge for replacements from now on.
  • Talked about Green Day.  The children were keen on this and asked if we could have a non uniform day to help fund our walk to school initiative.  Mrs Edwards will talk to Mrs Thorne.
  • Children started posters to put on the gates to ask people not to drop litter.  Will finish on the next meeting.
  • Children told that the next meeting would be on Thursday 24th May 2012.
  • Meeting closed at 9.30am
8th May 2012

Mrs Edwards, Ajshe-Blue Fejzullahu, Demi-Leigh Andrews, Hayden Marlow, Holly Nelson, Katie Adams, Hannah Taylor, Jade Margetts, Isabella Henderson, Charlotte Edwards, Chelsea Jones.

  • Welcome and register taken.
  • We had a look at the recycling rota and decided that there were too many boxes being emptied on a Friday.  We redid the the rotas and a copy was given out to all members of staff and ECO councillors.
  • Mrs Edwards explained that from 14th May 2012, there would be a tick sheet for the recycling and litter picking rota put up on the notice board.  They are to tick the box when they have completed their job.
  • Mrs Edwards went through the risks of going into the junior carpark.  They were told to make sure they have a tag around their neck and also to let the office know when they would be entering the junior carpark.
  • Charlotte and Chelsea were really pleased that their message about dropping litter was put into the newsletter.  They were told that next week they would be designing posters to put on the gate and around the school.
  • Mrs Edwards handed out ECO codes to each council member to put up in their classroom.  They were asked to share it with their class at a convenient time.
  • Isabella stated that she would not be able to attend next weeks meeting as she is going to Dunfield House and Charlotte and Chelsea said they are completing their SATS next week so would also be unable to attend.
  • Meeting closed at 9.30am.

1st May 2012

Mrs Edwards, Demi-Leigh Andrews, Hayden Marlow, Holly Nelson, Katy Adams, Hannah Taylor, Daniel Thomas, Caitlin Scott, Jade Margetts, Isabella Henderson, Charlotte Edwards, Chelsea Jones.

  • Welcome and register taken.
  • Recapped on last weeks meeting and updated on things that had happened since.
  • Sorted out litter picking rota and recycling rota which will be issued next week. 
  • Meeting Closed at 9.30am.




Mrs Edwards, Demi-Leigh Andrews, Hayden Marlow, Holly Nelson, Katie Adams, Hannah Taylor, Caitlin, Charlotte Edwards and Chelsea Jones

  • Welcome and register taken
  • Meetings - discussed new time of Eco meetings.  They all agreed that assembly times would be better suited for everyone.  Future meetings will now be held every Tuesday during assembly.
  • Talked about recycling and litter picking rotas.  As all of the councillors were not present because of learning curves, we decided to look at the rotas next week.
  • Caitlin was concerned that the other children in the school were doing their jobs of recycling and litter picking.  Mrs Edwards told them that it will be just the ECO councillors who will be doing those jobs in the future. Mrs Edwards also said that they would be given a jacket or some kind of pass when it was their time to do a job and that they would return it when they had finished their job.  Therefore, only children who had a pass could do the job.  They all seemed happy with this.
  • Talked about the litter situation.  They told me that it was very bad in the junior carpark and that they have seen members of the public throw litter through the fence.  We discussed how we could deal with that problem.  A suggestion was made to put a sign up on the gate and put something into the newsletter.  They are also going to start litter picking in the junior carpark.  Mrs Edwards has discussed risk assessments with SMc and LT and this has been agreed. We will design a sign next week.
  • Some ECO badges have been lost.  Mrs Edwards has told them to look very hard for them.  Lost badges will be replaced if necessary.
  • Charlotte and Chelsea would like to start an ECO council in their secondary school.  Mrs Edwards told them what a wonderful idea that was and that we would support them where we can.  We also mentioned that we need to help another school on their ECO journey to get our green flag so this would be beneficial to us too.
  • Discussed website and talked about how they would like to contribute.  Mrs Edwards explained that once we can have the notebooks, they can look on the website and decide what else to add.
  • Talked about Walking to School initiative in great detail.  They seem very keen to start this.  Caitlin has done this in a previous school and gave us some ideas.
  • Children asked about how much we raised in the ECOkids project.  They were pleased that we raised some money.
  • They also expressed a wish to update the children on our ECO developments in assemblies which Mrs Edwards said was a good idea.  They would also like to have an ECO newsletter.  Mrs Edwards suggested to use the website to communicate our news and to promote it more using the guest book.
       Meeting closed at 9.30am


Mrs Elsmore, Daniel Thomas, 
Haden Marlow, Ajshe-Bleu Fejzullahu,  Holly Nelson, Demi-Leigh Andrews,  Chelsea Jones, Charlotte Edwards,  Katie Adams, Lewis Fox,     
Caitlin, Isabella Henderson,  Jade Margetts


  • Welcome and register taken.
  • New Member - Councillors were informed on Chloe’s inability to continue in her role and Caitlin was now representing 4P. Caitlin was introduced to the group and made welcome. Haden raised the concern that his photo was not on the eco board as he started part way through last term. Photographs of Caitlin and Haden need to be taken. Mrs Elsmore will arrange this with Mr McGaw. 
  • Rotas – New rotas would be in place this term so Councillors were asked to confirm which days they were available to carry out these duties. Times and days were discussed and agreed. Holly suggested that everyone have their own copy of the rotas as she was never sure what day her litter picking duty was. Mrs Elsmore confirmed new rotas would be typed up and that all councillors would be given their own copy in Friday’s register.
  • Litter picking – Mrs Elsmore requested that litter pickers ensured that they carried out their jobs responsibly due to issues being raised by the dinner supervisors. Councillors were asked to work together and select just one friend to help to avoid any further complaints.
  • Recycling – It was discussed that boxes in the junior building were not being emptied regularly. Mrs Elsmore asked that all junior councillors emptied their own boxes on Friday mornings and asked for volunteers to ensure that Year 2, the ICT suite, Mrs Wardle’s room and 1A were also emptied. Mrs Elsmore also asked that the Office’s box be emptied three times a week. A new rota for this will be in place. Councillors were then given the opportunity to empty the recycling boxes from the Infant building.
  • Mrs Elsmore asked Councillors for their opinions on the Eco garden layout for this year, as Mrs Thorne would like to take any of their suggestions to the gardeners to see if additional items could be grown. Mrs Elsmore asked Councillors to research types of plant or flowers they would like to grow over the coming week and bring their requests to the next meeting.
Meeting closed at 16.30

Mrs Elsmore, Daniel 
Thomas,  D
emi-Leigh Andrews, Chelsea Jones,  
Tyler Luckock,Isabella Henderson, Lewis Fox, 
Charlotte Edwards,      
Katy Adams, HollyNelson,  Aisha Mughal,  
Ajshe- Bleu Fejzullah

  • Welcome and register taken.
  • Website - Councillors were given the opportunity to look at the new Eco part of the school’s website. The councillors were excited to see it and were looking forward to their recent photographs being uploaded.
  • Eco Awards – the councillors were very excited about this idea and discussions took place as to how they would be awarded and by whom. It was suggested that during our next assembly the councillors could introduce the awards to the school and explain how the children could achieve them. Daniel suggested that they could launch the new award by presenting children with them. These children would be select for helping the councillors with recycling and litter picking. Lewis asked if teachers could be given an award, Mrs Elsmore confirmed that they could be nominated. However, Charlotte said she did not think teachers should have them as they set homework, which she thought used too much paper!
  • Badges - Mrs Elsmore confirmed to the councillors that she had queried the new badge orders, and unfortunately, the order had not been processed so a new order would now have to be placed. Mrs Elsmore will ensure that new badges are ordered.
  • New Rotas – Councillors discussed the option of having new recycling rotas. It was decided that during Thursday’s meeting children would empty the boxes in the Infant building. Councillors would then be responsible for emptying their own class box plus an additional box in the junior building on a Friday. Mrs Elsmore will put new rotas on the notice board.
  • Environmental Review – Children helped to complete the Environmental Review, which will then be used to produce an action plan. 
  • Pledge Tree display - Following the pledges made on Green day, Mrs Elsmore explained to the councillors a pledge tree would be displayed in the reading area next to the office. Children were given the opportunity to help paint the trunk for the tree. This will then be put up once dried and leaves would be used from a selection of those submitted. Lewis told the group that Year 3 had made their very own tree that was already on display in the Year 3 corridor. Mrs Elsmore will take a photograph of this display for the website.
  • Meeting closed at 16.30.

Mrs Elsmore, Daniel Thomas, Demi-Leigh 
Andrews, Aisha 



  • Welcome and register taken.
  • Children started by emptying the recycling boxes in the infant building. Councillors were unable to complete the whole school due the collection bin being full.
  • Councillors were informed of the of news that Hannah Stainer had decided that she was no longer able to continue in her role of Eco Councillor. As Lewis is currently job sharing the role with her, the role would now be a full time one for Lewis.
  • Councillors enquired about badges. Some children did not have a badge so Mrs Elsmore said she would chase up the order with Mr McGaw.
  • Councillors were informed that their photographs would be taken for the website and notice board after the half term.
  • Councillors suggested the idea that a new paper recycling box should be purchased for Mrs Thorne as they were aware that she did not have one in her office.
  • Councillors went to water the trees.
  • Councillors finished by designing posters which could be used to promote the Eco Kids Textile Recycling project.
  • Meeting closed at 16.30.


Mrs Elsmore, Daniel 
Thomas,  Demi-Leigh Andrews, Tyler 
Lukock, Lewis Fox,
Katy Adams, Holly Nelson, Chloe Buswell, Aisha 
Mughal, Ajsha-Blue

  • Welcome and register taken.
  • Councillors were given information about the next project Eco Council would be undertaking – Eco Kids textile recycling. Councillors discussed ideas for an assembly and what tasks needed to be completed prior to the launch.
  • Mrs Elsmore informed Councillors that watering of the Eco garden would no longer be required due to the garden being closed down over the winter.  Children were asked to keep watering the trees and it was decided that a rota would be put in place to ensure this would happen.
  • Issues were raised about the recycling.  Lewis claimed that he did not get a chance to carry out this job as other children in the school were doing it for him.  This claim was backed up by other councillors.  Mrs Elsmore said she would speak to the children involved.  If it continued Mrs Elsmore would raise the issue during the next staff meeting so that all staff were aware of which children should be recycling.
  • Councillors watered the trees.
  • Children were then given the opportunity to collate ideas for the textile recycling assembly.
  • Meeting closed at 16.30.


Mrs Elsmore, Daniel Thomas, 
Demi-Leigh Andrews, Chelsea Jones,
Tyler Luckock, Isabella Henderson, 
Lewis Fox, Charlotte Edwards, 
Katy Adams,  Holly 
Nelson, Chloe Buswell, 
Aisha Mughal,
Ajshe- Bleu Fejzullahu,


  • Welcome & Register
  • Councillors were informed of the changes to the tree planting activity.  Mrs Elsmore explained that as the trees were very small and delicate they would need to be planted in a protected area to ensure they grew.  Councillors were informed that the trees would be moved after 2 years and would then be planted in the areas they had previously requested. 
  • Mrs Elsmore asked the children if they were happy to take part in Friday’s assembly.  Ajshe-Bleu said she wanted to take part did not want a speaking part.  Roles were allocated to each councillor.  Rehearsals for the assembly took place.
  • Ajshe-Bleu wanted to confirm rotas.  Mrs Elsmore reminded the children that all recycling rotas were on the Eco Board, and asked the councillors to check if they were not sure.  Mrs Elsmore also reminded councillors to inform her if they were unable to carry out their duty for any reason. 
  • Lewis raised an issue regarding lunch time garden watering. He requested that councillors were given early lunch passes so they could eat their lunch before carrying out their duties.  Mrs Elsmore explained that this request could not be considered due to Ms Wisdom not being available after 1 o’clock to do the watering with them. 
  • Isabella suggested the idea of older councillors (Years 5 and 6) being given more responsibility for watering the garden.  Her recommendations would allow the councillors to have their lunch as normal, then carry out the watering but unsupervised.
  • Mrs Elsmore reminded the councillors to wear Green.
  • Time finished: 16.30

Mrs Elsmore, 
Daniel Thomas,
Rajvir Virdi, Chelsea Jones,
Amy Westwood, Isabella Henderson, 
Jade Margetts, Lewis Fox, 
Hannah Stanier, Charlotte Edwards, Katy Adams, 
Holly Nelson, Chloe Buswell
Ajshe- Bleu Fejzullahu,




  • Welcome and register taken.
  • Mrs Elsmore spoke to the councillors about the new arrangements for eco council meetings, which would start on Thursday 22nd September 2011. It was put forward to the councillors that the meetings would now take place after school rather than during assembly. Chloe Buswell said that she may have a problem with attending an after school meeting. Mrs Elsmore told the children that they would be given a letter and permission slip to take home tonight, which would need to be returned by Tuesday 13th September.
  • Mrs Elsmore spoke about the new plans for the new year, which would involve a “Green Day”, tree planting, composting fruit, an Eco Audit, and a new fruit composting scheme.    
  • A provisional recycling rota was agreed. Councillors agreed to ensure their class recycling boxes were emptied. Year 6 children were asked to ensure Year 1 boxes were empties, and Year 5 children were asked to ensure Year 2 boxes were emptied. A new rota will be in agreed next meeting. 
  • A provisional Eco garden watering rota was agreed for Tuesday 13th September. It was agreed that Katy Adams, Lewis Fox, Charlotte Edwards, Jade Margotts, Isabella Henderson and Holly Nelson would be responsible for ensuring this task was carried out.                                
  • Meeting closed at 9.35am. 

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