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Creative Arts Week

Creative Arts Week

19th - 23rd June 2017


We have celebrated a wonderful Creative Arts Week in Year 6. The overall theme for the week was 'Global Diversity' and Year 6 were allocated the continent of South America to explore.


We started the week by undertaking group research into many different countries that make up South America and then presented our findings to the rest of the year group. From here, we explored the culture of the continent through numerous workshops and activities. These included an artist study on Beatriz Milhazes on Monday. Having been inspired by Milhazes' work, we went on to make collages in a similar style. 


We loved having the opportunity to cut, slice and grate on Tuesday morning and used our skills to make nachos and exotic fruit arrangements. Tasting our creations was definitely a high point!


On Wednesday we brought the rainforest to life through watercolour. We were impressed with how much care the pupils put into their paintings and the results are stunning.


We used musical instruments on Thursday when rehearsing for a perfomance of a South American poem based on the rainforest. We will be performing this to the rest of the school on Friday morning. We were also given a special treat and got to participate in a didgeridoo workshop as our visiting artist representing Australia had a time slot available for us. We couldn't believe how skillful Paul was on the didgeridoo and would have happily listened to him play for a long time!


We're looking forward to the Dance Festival on Friday to finish off our exciting week. Do look at the pictures below and come into our whole school exhibition on Friday afternoon to see what we've been up to in a little more detail.

Collages and watercolours

Collages and watercolours 1
Collages and watercolours 2
Collages and watercolours 3
Collages and watercolours 4
Collages and watercolours 5
Collages and watercolours 6
Collages and watercolours 7
Collages and watercolours 8

Food preparation and tasting

Food preparation and tasting 1
Food preparation and tasting 2
Food preparation and tasting 3
Food preparation and tasting 4
Food preparation and tasting 5
Food preparation and tasting 6
Food preparation and tasting 7
Food preparation and tasting 8

Carnival dance workshop

Carnival dance workshop 1
Carnival dance workshop 2
Carnival dance workshop 3
Carnival dance workshop 4
Carnival dance workshop 5
Carnival dance workshop 6
Carnival dance workshop 7
Carnival dance workshop 8

Didgeridoo workshop

Didgeridoo workshop 1
Didgeridoo workshop 2
Didgeridoo workshop 3

Putting poetry to music

Putting poetry to music 1
Putting poetry to music 2

Exhibition of work

Exhibition of work 1
Exhibition of work 2
Exhibition of work 3
Exhibition of work 4
Exhibition of work 5
Exhibition of work 6
Exhibition of work 7
Exhibition of work 8
Exhibition of work 9
Exhibition of work 10
Exhibition of work 11

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