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Computing & E-safety

Autumn 2016 - Y5 are learning about  searching the internet and staying safe online.  Remember to start SMART:

S = Keep Safe

It's important to keep your personal information safe and secret. What is personal information though?


M = Don't Meet Up

The Internet is a great way of keeping in touch with your friends and family. You might also find new friends online.

However, you should never arrange to meet an online friend because it can be dangerous. No matter how well you think you know people, they might be pretending.


A = Accepting Emails can be Dangerous!




Email is a really quick and easy way to send messages to people.

However, sometimes people send you lots of junk mail (called 'SpamHover your mouse over this word to get more information!') which try to sell you things. You may also receive messages which make you feel uncomfortable.

If you are sent any messages like this, tell an adult that you trust and delete them. Don't reply to them!


R = Reliable?

The Internet is full of friendly people and amazing information. However, sometimes the people, or the information, aren't reliable. People might say or write things which are untrue, so you should always think carefully before trusting what you see or hear. Sometimes you might see adverts telling you that you've won one million pounds or a free computer. These type of adverts are definitely not reliable and you shouldn't believe them!


T = Tell Someone!

Tell someoneMost of the time that you are online, you will have lots of fun. However, if you see something that makes you feel uncomfortable or worried, make sure that you tell an adult who you trust.

This is also true when you are using your mobile phone. If you see, read or hear something upsetting on it, tell an adult!




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