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World Book Day

Crazy Characters!

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Mission to Mars!

Our IPC unit has seen us investigate different aspects our lives...... including our physical fitness! We tested our agility, speed, balance and reaction skills to see if we possibly have what it takes to survive a mission to Mars.....





Mission to Mars......!

Could we survive on Mars...? What about food?

Could humans grow food on Mars...?

We decided to test this hypothesis.  We know that on Mars there would be lots of volcanic ash and sand in which to grow seeds. Rocks, too. So we planted seeds in these materials and in compost, too - just to make sure that the seeds weren't faulty ones! Some groups mixed the materials together and two groups decided to use sawdust as well, as this might be an organic material that would be available to new settlers after a few years. We kept our test fair by ensuring that there was the same amount of material in each pot; that each pot received the same amount of water and the same exposure to sunlight. ( We discovered that it would be possible to produce water on Mars and that it receives a lot of sunlight because of it's location in the Solar System). After 7 days some pots are showing emerging sprouts.....

Now.  What about a shelter for these plants....? And for us humans, too! We need something that is going to protect us and anything we grow from the extreme weather and low temperatures... We'd better get on to it! Time could be running out!

Can We Grow Plants on Mars...? The Results...

Obviously we could not reproduce the exact conditions on Mars... Organic matter had probably made its way into the rocks and sand.... that is why we saw some growth there.  Some groups did have growth in the volcanic ash.  As a class, we decided that settlers on Mars would need to take compost with them, but it could be mixed with materials found on Mars to make it last longer!

Children in Need Fun Fundraising Day

Children in Need Fun Fundraising Day 1 Can you guess how many sweets are in the jar....?
Children in Need Fun Fundraising Day 2 Our fantastic Pudsey pictures.....
Children in Need Fun Fundraising Day 3 ...... But which one is a winner???!




Year 5 have had a fantastic start to the new year with a surprise visit from....


Professor McGinty!!


Take a look at the pictures below.....



What we have been up to...

week ending Friday 25th September 2015


We have just started our third week in school which will lead to our first Celebration Assembly on Friday and have already covered an amazing amount of learning across our different subjects.


In I.P.C., we have concentrated our research on Athens and Sparta in order to understand how City-States functioned in Ancient Greece and have made strong links between the past and the present. We were astonished to find out that there existed a city called Argos and that the concept of democracy was already in place such a long time ago!! We have located important geographical features on maps and came across such words as peninsula or mountain ranges.


In English, we are carrying on with our discovery of the Purple Lady, following Abu in his quest to find his beloved sister Leyla. In order to enhance our writing, we have worked on personification as a support to setting descriptions: our trees were shivering and our rooks were menacingly spying!



Maths has seen us dealing with very large numbers (up to a million). On our laptops, we have compared the transfer prices of international footballing stars and we have looked at comparing, ordering and applying these large numbers to real life situations.


Finally, in French, we have become acquainted with different cities across France and have met young people who asked us: Où habites-tu? To which we are happily responding: J’habite à Solihull!



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