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Below you will see the 'Minutes' of our meetings for the school year and links to any appropriate web-pages which will further describe our activities. It promises to be a busy year once again as our School Council reps. deliver on their Mission Statement : 'We are the voice of our school'.
The Team

Mr S Russell: Council Staff Link
The new School Council were welcomed and congratulated. We spoke about how meetings will be run and what responsibilities
the children have.

The children were given School Council Notebooks for use in class council sessions and to bring ideas to meetings.

It was suggested by Danielle that the older children could help the younger members with their class meetings. Mr Russell suggested that the Y6 members should speak to Y1 teachers to ask if their help is needed.

Mr Russell spoke about Pupil Voice and stated that he wanted the children to come up with their ideas and to lead the School Council.

Elections will be held at the next meeting to decide specific roles.
No meeting - Y6 on residential in Llanrug.
Elections were held amonst the School Council to decide responsibilities.
Chairperson: Lawson
Vice-Chairperson: Reuben
Treasurer: Jay & Keira
Secretary: Danielle

Mr Russell asked the children to discuss Children In Need with their classes.

Lawson asked what had happened to the Compliments Box. Mr Russell asked Lawson to speak to Mrs Thorne to see if it can be started again.
Children discussed ideas for Children In Need. We will have a Super Hero and hero theme and children can come in fancy dress if they bring a £1 donation. This will raise over £400. We also want to have a cake sale to raise some more money. Mr Russell said that he would send this information out to parents on a letter.

Mr Russell told the School Council that The Year 3, 4 and 5 representatives have been invited to a learning Walk at Mill Lodge School on Wednesday 5th November.
05.11.14 We walked to Mill Lodge to see what the school looks like and to experience some of the learning there. We were very impressed by the school building and by the bright colours inside. We felt that Mill Lodge is a very friendly school. We particularly liked the fish bowl room, the family support room and the tuck shop. It felt like there was lots of space everywhere.

After our walk, we worked with the children from Mill Lodge to think about what makes an outstanding school. We made posters to represent our ideas.
10.11.14 Planning Meeting for Children In Need. We decided that everyone would help set up the cake sale at 9:30 and we would sell to KS1 at 10:45 and KS2 at 11:00. Mr Russell said that there were also teddy bears and wrist bands to sell.
24.11.14 Charity
The School Council decided that it would like to raise money for a charity selected by everyone at school. Mr Russell said that children could nominate charities during class council and we would vote at the next meeting.

Football is still an issue on the playground as there is not much space left for other children to play. Mr Russell suggested that we trial a day where we mix up the year groups with Y1, 3 and 5 on the front playground and Y2, 4 and 6 on the back. It was suggested that the older children could teach the younger children games. Mr Russell asked for the children to discuss this at class council and bring game ideas to the next meeting.
28.11.14 Charity
The winning charity was the Queen Elizabeth hospital in Birmingham. Second place was Help for Heroes. We will arrange an event to raise money in the Spring Term.

Danielle is going to type up the suggested games so that class teachers can teach the older children the games in a PE lesson. Mr Russell will arrange a day for us to try the idea.
  • SONGS - The children reported back about the songs that they would like to sing in assembly. Mr Russell said that he will try to include some of these when they are appropriate.
  • QE HOSPITAL - Children in Y3-6 are going to study a different artist and produce a piece of work in that style. We will photograph the pictures to send home. Parents wishing to buy a framed copy will donate £5 to the QE charity.
  • Mr Russell informed the School Council that the Mill Lodge School Council will be visiting Peterbrook on the 4th February. T

Mill Lodge spent the morning at Peterbrook. We focussed on school improvement. The Peterbrook School School Council members took Mill Lodge on a guided tour of the school and discussed what they like about school. Year group partners then went in to lessons to focus on similarities and differences. After break, the children met together to feed back and decide on 2 stars and a wish. Peterbrook decided for Mill Lodge:

* Wonderful permanent displays on the floor of art produced by the children;

* A fantastic meeting room (Fish Bowl) / a healthy tuck shop.

WISH - to develop your outside area to include an eco area, adventure play and animals.


Mill Lodge decided for Peterbrook:

*Wonderful achievement display with photos of children who had received 'Star' awards and colourful 'Reading Ribbons.'


WISH - a healthy tuck shop.


Following the morning, Mr Russell contacted Mrs Cooling at Mill Lodge. We will be arranging to go over to Mill Lodge to see how the healthy tuck shop is organised. We also spoke about how we would like to continue to collaborate, with the possibility of taking some of our older children on a trip to Parliament.



Focus: Red Nose Day - Friday 13th March



  • We discussed the purpose of charities and that all money raised from Red Nose Day goes to freeing people in the UK and from the world's poorest countries from poverty.
  • Ideas to raise money at Peterbrook:
  1. Fancy Dress - make yourself 'look funny for money.'
  2. Selling red noses at school (the office will do this).
  3. Gunge a teacher (at lunchtime - Mr Russell will find willing volunteers!)
  4. Sponsored event or sale (Year Groups to decide).

We decided that we would like to do something at school to do with the General Election. Therefore, we have agreed to hold our own Mock Election the day before the real one. Y6 School Council members and House Captains decided to represent the Conservatives, Labour, Liberals, the Greens and UKIP.

Mr Russell showed us a range of policies. We had to prioritise the ones that we wanted and then hope to get them in the big trade. Each Party ended up with 4 policies to represent in the elections.

Each Party will now try to persuade the children at Peterbrook why their policies are the most important and why they should vote for them. There will be real voting on the 6th May to decide our winning Party.


1. Election update

The House Captains and Y6 members of the School Council will be involved in the elections on 6th May. All other members of the School Council will be involved in running the event, counting votes and announcing the winning Party.


2. End of Year Reports

Mr Russell said that there is an opportunity to change or adapt the end of year school reports to parents. The School Council were asked for suggestions. DT said that 'Pupils should comment on how they think they have got on.' LG agreed and said 'That should be non-negotiable.' Following a discussion, the School Council agreed that pupils should comment on what they have done well and what they think they need to improve.


3. Information for parents

It was suggested that as there have been lots of changes this year, we should write a School Couhese werencil newsletter to let parents know. DT and RN to organise. The School Council want the following information included: timetable; marking; computing; fence; elections; internal locks.



Initially the School Council met to discuss behaviour and safety at school. The children felt that good manners are shown at school and lots of people hold doors open for each other. They felt that children could improve how they move round school and would like to be reminded more often about classroom and school rules.


This work was then developed with the Year 6 School Council members. They studied a vast list of values before deciding on a diamond 9 of values that they felt should be most important at Peterbrook. These were (in order):

* Fairness

* Originality

* Happiness

* Independenceour

* Creativity

* Achievement

* Loyalty

* Knowledge

* Commitment

15.06.15 Our KS2 School Council members met to discuss behaviour and safety with Mr Russell and Mr Bird, our school improvement partner. Ideas and opinions have been recorded and will form part of the current review of the school Behaviour Policy. Staff, parents and Governors will also be consulted over the next few weeks.

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