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Afternoon Nursery

Summer 2 - Learning Journey

  • Pre Writing Skills - Dough Disco Week 5th June
  • Journeys on the road - Transport Museum Trip 12th June
  • Journeys on track - 19th June
  • Journeys up in the air - 26th June
  • Journeys across the sea - 3rd July
  • Journeys to the seaside - 10th July
  • Creative Week - 17th July
  • End of Year Celebrations - 24th July

Summer 1 - Learning Journey


  • Olivers Vegetables

  • Oliver's Fruit Salad

  • Oliver's Milkshake

  • Our Trip to the Farm

  • Friendship Week

Welcome back!!


This Spring Term we are learning journey will include:


27/02/17 - World Book Week with World Book Day on Thursday 2nd March

06/03/17 - Goldilocks and the Three Bears

13/03/17 - Gingerbread Man

20/03/17 - Little Red Hen

27/03/17 - Dr Seuss - Rhyming Week

03/04/17 - Easter

World Book Week - Our First Book this week was : Aliens Love Underpants

World Book Week - Mr Wolf's Pancakes - they children loved making pancakes!!

World Book Day - Thursday 2nd March 2017

Spring Term Update:


This term has been full of fun ...


We have enjoyed talking about our favourite toys as we returned to Nursery after the Christmas holiday.


We then began learning about 'Bears' and even made our very own bear in 'The Bear Factory'!!


Construction was a great week, we created lots of shapes, boxes and imaginary toys to play with.


This was followed by 'Moving Toys' week, where we shared our moving toys 'The BeeBots' and then the children brought in from home their own moving toys for us to look at and discuss with them further.


Puppets week was a very funny week, with lots of children getting carried away with the drama of becoming an alternative character. Some children have much louder voices then we have ever heard before!!!!


Small world stories week, allowed the children to make up stories in different settings, we included fairies, dinosaurs, natural materials, dressing up materials, hats, a knights castle, under the sea, sand on the moon with astronauts!! The children also enjoyed a session with the iPads, to enhance their small world story learning further.


A great half term has been had by all!!

We brought our favourite bears to Nursery ...

We brought our favourite bears to Nursery ... 1
We brought our favourite bears to Nursery ... 2

Bears Week - 16th January 2017

Bears Week - 16th January 2017 1
Bears Week - 16th January 2017 2
Bears Week - 16th January 2017 3
Bears Week - 16th January 2017 4

Construction Week - 23 January 2017

Spring Term 2017


  • 03.01.17 - Toys - our introduction
  • 09.01.17 - Our Favourite Toys
  • 16.01.17 - Bears
  • 23.01.17 - Construction
  • 30.01.17 - Moving Toys
  • 06.02.17 - Puppets
  • 13.02.17 - Small World Stories
  • 20.02.17 - HALF TERM
  • 27.02.17 - World Book Week
  • 06.03.17 - Goldilocks and the three bears
  • 13.03.17 - Gingerbread Man
  • 20.03.17 - Little Red Hen
  • 27.03.17 - Dr Seuss - Rhyming Week
  • 03.04.17 - Easter
  • 10.04.17 - EASTER HOLIDAY

First half term - Autumn 1


What a fabulously busy first half term!! I have attached some of the photographs we took to show you what we have been up to?


We have been busy making friends, thinking about using good manners, talking about our feelings and exploring our senses.


The teachers have been working hard to complete beginning of the year assessments for all children.


A huge thank you to all of you for attending parents evening. It really was lovely to meet you again, including brothers and sisters!!!

Working together in nursery - Autumn 1

Making Friends

We have been working hard to learn each others name by playing lots of name games, saying hello to each other every morning and working in our family groups, are you a spot or a stripe?

Good Manners


We have been working hard to think about using good manners when we are playing. To help us remember we learnt a song: (sung to the tune Frere Jacques)


Please and Thank you, Please and Thank you,

Sounds so nice, Sounds so nice,

Manners are important, Manners are important,

Be polite, Be polite.


Most children placed their names on the star and had a sticker for remembering their marvelous manners!!!

How are you feeling today? smiley cool sad angry

We hope you are all feeling happy, we LOVE your happy faces at Nursery!


It is important to talk about feelings with your Nursery child so they can understand that all feelings are ok and so they can begin to manage their own feelings and express them in a healthy way.


We explored happy, sad, scared/frightened and angry, and we were very good at showing the different expressions on our faces! We focused on happy and sad and had a go at drawing happy and sad faces, discussing what makes us feel happy and what makes us feel sad, an activity I enjoyed sharing with you during parents evening!! 

Our Five Senses!


Our senses of sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste are the way we learn about the world around us when we are young, there are still so many new experiences your Nursery child will have but this is how they have been learning about the world so far and it is a really fun topic to explore! 


We really hope you had fun listening to the story of Brown Bear by Eric Carle which was the start of our senses topic, and through this story we explored the colours around us and used our eyes to look through different media to see what we could see. Next we went on a listening walk around school inside and out to try and hear the sounds around us (this can sometimes be tricky as in our homes there is usually a lot of background noise like the tv or washing machine, so sometimes its nice to be quiet, focus and listen to sounds we may be missing out on). We also had fun exploring play telephones and talking to our new friends.


In the last week before half term we have been focusing on our senses of touch, smell and taste. It was nice coming to Nursery this week as there were lots of exciting and different activities to take part in, some nice smells, messy play and we cooked something yummy to eat!


Have a look at our photos below to see just how much fun we had, ask your child what they liked best about our senses topic.

Autumn Term 2016

  • 05.09.16 - Home Visits
  • 12.09.16 - Home Visits / Welcome to Nursery
  • 19.09.16 - My First Week at Nursery
  • 26.09.16 - Making Friends / Good Manners
  • 03.10.16 - Our Feelings
  • 10.10.16 - The Senses
  • 17.10.16 - The Senses
  • 24.10.16 - HALF TERM
  • 31.10.16 - Diwali
  • 07.11.16 - Bonfire Night
  • 14.11.16 - Autumn
  • 21.11.16 - Birthdays
  • 28.11.16 - Babies
  • 05.12.16 - The Nativity
  • 12.12.16 - Christmas

Our Nursery Timetable:

Enter and explore - active learning with your friends - self registration
Ring the bells - stop and listen, toilet reminder and then come to the 'big' carpet

Register, sing 'Days of the week' and look at the calendar together. We discuss the day, date and weather.


Days of the Week - sung to the Adams family theme 

"Days of the week (clap, clap), Days of the week (clap, clap),

 Days of the week, days of the week, days of the week (clap, clap),

 There's Monday and there's Tuesday, there's Wednesday and there's Thursday, 

 there's Friday and there's Saturday and Sunday ends the week,

 Days of the week (clap, clap), Days of the week (clap, clap),

 Days of the week, days of the week, days of the week (clap, clap)."

Whole class / Family Group - language for thinking - introduce the learning for today
Activity time - time to play - family groups alternate going to play outside or playing inside
Ring the bells - stop and listen - time for the groups to change activity.
Activity time - time to play - family group swap activities
Ring the bells - stop and listen - time to play our 'tidy up song' and tidy up!!
Family Group Snack - time to go to the toilet and wash your hands ready for snack

We sit in a circle and a monitor asks each child whether they would like milk or water


We insist on marvelous manners!! "Please and Thank you"


Once we all have our drinks, we can eat a piece of fruit


We are building our independent skills - so we throw our waste in the bin


Once we have been fed and watered!! We have our Chat Maths session, during which we read a number story, count objects in a story, write numbers on whiteboards, count objects out of a bag, discuss properties of 2d shapes etc. 

Activity time - time to play - the last change of the day
Ring the bells - stop and listen - time to play our 'tidy up song' and tidy up!!
Phonics - whole class or family group
Singing time - it might be nursery rhymes or new song to learn
Story time - we love stories
Home time or PAWS time - Our nursery day has come to an end

Our Nursery Rules

We have also been thinking about our Nursery rules. 

Our rules help us to stay safe, play nicely and make Nursery a calm and happy place to be.

We have 5 main rules at Nursery : 


To use kind hands and feet


To use kind words and voices


To share and take turns


To look after our nursery toys


To walk inside nursery



PE on a Friday - pumps only needed at this time


Library books and homework in - Wednesday


New library book and homework out - Friday

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