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Week commencing 27/06/16


As I write this, it is July 1st and Year 6 have only 15 school days left as Peterbrook Primary School pupils! Since half term, our pupils have worked extremely hard and were able to produce some superb pieces of writing. More recently, our attention has turned completely towards our end of year production and we are just over a week away from performing it to the whole school and then to parents, carers etc on July 12th and 13th. All children have worked extremely hard during rehearsals and are now polishing off individual lines, dances or even constumes in order to be prepared for their showpiece occasion. The children thoroughly enjoyed learning more about Shakespeare during our trip to Stratford-Upon-Avon last week (photos are on 'Latest News') and it has inspired them to feel even more confident on stage. I would like to praise our Year 6 pupils for their hard work and thank all parents for helping children learn their lines and prepare costumes for the production; we would not be able to put the show on without everybody's contribution!


Week commencing 23/05/16


Half term is here and our Year 6 pupils have only seven weeks left as pupils at Peterbrook! This half term has seen the SATs come and go but we have still been working hard since then too. Our Year 6 pupils have been completing some excellent writing and will continue to do so after the half term break; we have been attempting problem solving in maths and have been learning about extreme weather in our IPC lessons. As well as that, pupils have been preparing for a tag rugby tournament, learned about music from the 60's with Mr. Fairfoul and have been working hard to begin to learn lines & songs for our end of year production, 'Shakespeare Rocks'. It has been an extremely busy half term and there promises to be lots of fun to be had during the final half term too. Until then, have a restful half term break everyone - you have earned it!


Week commencing 09/05/16


It's Friday and SATs are over!! I am not going to add too much more! A huge effort from our Year 6 pupils this week; you have now earned a relaxing weekend. Enjoy!!


Week commencing 02/05/16


We have reached the end of the week, which means that Year 6 pupils will be taking their first SATs test the next time they are in school. Another way of looking at it is that by this time next week, they'll all be over and done with! Either way, it's one final push for our pupils, who have continued to impress us all with their hardworking attitude. As you will be aware, we are offering Year 6 the opportunity to come into school at 8.15 from Monday to Thursday next week for 'Breakfast Club' but remind parents that if their child will not be attending, they need to come to school at the normal time. It is particularly important that all children are ready for the tests and we ask that they bring in the equipment they will need. When it's all over, we will be providing details about the end of year production as well as other events which will take place later in the Summer Term. I hope all pupils enjoy a warm, sunny weekend and come into school prepared and ready to do their best on Monday. 


Week commencing 18/04/16


Eight school days (not including a Bank Holiday and a polling day) until SATs week is the message that is going home with pupils in 6R today. This is not intended to concern our children, it is more a statement that it won't be long until they can breathe a sigh of relief! I have to say that I have been delighted, once again, with the effort put in by all of our Year 6 pupils. They came back after the holidays with folders containing completed homework and a determined mindset. It can't have gone unnoticed that SATs tests have been in the news this year and our Year 6 pupils are aware that they are the first to be assessed on a new curriculum. However, they have taken all of that in their stride and are all putting in huge amounts of effort. As a Year 6 teacher, I am extremely proud of the effort all of our pupils are showing. I have no doubt that all pupils will continue to show the same work ethic over the next two weeks and do the only thing they can do during the tests - their best!


Week commencing 21/03/16


The Easter holidays are now upon us after a short, busy half term! Parents' Evening provided teachers and parents/carers with the opportunity to discuss progress and Year 6 is always a unique year group as we prepare for SATs. All pupils will be bringing home some English & maths homework to complete over the holidays and to bring back into school over the first week back. This work will back up all of the exceptional hard work our Year 6 pupils put into their practice SATs tests last week. We were all delighted with the way the pupils put their best efforts into taking the tests and their mature attitude in realising that it will help them to make further progress between now and May. Of course, it has not all been about tests and academic work! We all thoroughly enjoyed running, walking, jogging (or crawling!) the Sport Relief mile and I know that Mr Hughes was delighted that we managed to raise over £800 for this worthy cause. We also enjoyed spending time in a planetarium last Friday afternoon and learned a lot from that experience. I wish you all an eggcellent (sorry, couldn't resist!) Easter break and hope all pupils come back on Monday 11th April safe, happy, refreshed and ready for a final term as Peterbrook pupils. 


Week commencing 29/02/16


The first two weeks since half term have absolutely flown by! On our first day back, Year 6 were treated to a special golf lesson from a professional golf player. This was a real treat and a first time using a golf club for many children. We are, of course, now at the stage of Year 6 when SATs becomes our major priority and it has been pleasing to see the children engaging well in lessons and some attending our SATs booster sessions before and after school. In English lessons, we have enjoyed reading 'Journey to the River Sea' and have been looking in depth at the characters and their hugely different personalities. In maths, we looked again at an example arithmetic paper again and it was pleasing to see how many pupils had made improvements to these over half term. Year 6 also thoroughly enjoyed yesterday's 'World Book Day' events and I hope they use their book tokens wisely! Today, we saw an array of gifts made available by our PTFA for our Mother's Day gift sale; 6R say thank you to the PTFA for making these avaialble for us to buy. Have a great weekend everyone!


Week commencing 08/02/16


We have reached the end of another very busy half term of work in 6R. Our curriculum has continued as usual and we have been preparing pupils for the SATs tests in May. In addition to this, we have enjoyed special events this week, including Chinese New Year on Monday and 'Safer Internet Day' on Tuesday. We looked into the importance of safety online and had discussions about the internet and how we do not always know the person we are talking to. Pupils were mature and sensible in sharing their viewpoints and we ended the day with a good idea of how to stay safe and how to protect personal information online. In English, children wrote excellent stories related to Chinese New Year and had to imagine they were one of the animals in the zodiac story. In maths, our pupils have taken tests on arithmetic and reasoning/problem solving. Over half term, I would like all pupils to look back at their arithmetic paper and to bring it into school after half term with improvements made. This could be an invaluable revision technique as we begin to think about our SATs in May. I also encourage pupils to make the most of their week away from school, to have fun, relax and come back on Monday 22nd with a hardworking attitude. Have a restful half term everyone!


Week commencing 25/01/16


What a couple of weeks of hard work we have had in 6R! Over the last two weeks, we have completed our World War Two topic and I was absolutely delighted with the enthusiasm shown by all pupils. At the end of the topic, we reviewed everything we had learned - a great deal of knowledge gained in just three weeks. Since then, we have also started our IPC unit 'Fit for Life' in which pupils have tested the impact of exercise on their heart rate. We also looked at healthy living and decided that a balanced diet combined with exercise is the best way to lead a healthy lifestyle. In our morning lessons, we completed our unit on Captain Scott and found out about the sad ending to his early twentieth century expedition to Antarctica. In maths, we have been balancing algebraic equations and carrying out investigations involving algebra - tricky stuff! Have an excellent weekend everyone!


Week commencing 11/01/16


The Christmas holidays are over and we have now been back in school for two weeks - how time flies! We had enough time to hear stories of the children's Christmas holidays and the presents they received (Santa was in fine form this year!) before it was straight back into the curriculum. In English, we have been studying Captain Scott and his voyage to Antarctica in 1910. This happened to coincide with the cold weather we have been having here to give pupils just a slight indication of the conditions faced by the explorers! Pupils wrote excellent letters trying to persuade Captain Scott that they would be the people to take on board the Terra Nova ship heading to the freezing climate! In maths, we have been working on our four rules of number and have tried to use and apply this knowledge to solve problems and investigations. Probably the highlight of the last two weeks has come in the form of our World War Two topic. Pupils responded superbly to our request to come in dressed as an evacuee on Thursday and we spent Friday afternoon hearing stories of World War Two - a fascinating insight! Thanks to all parents, grandparents and other relatives for your support; the children would not have had that experience without it! Have a great weekend everyone!


Week commencing 14/12/15


The Christmas holidays are finally upon us after 14 weeks of extremely hard work. It seems a long time ago that we started back in September and pupils began learning the Year 6 curriculum. I have stated on here several times how proud I have been of all pupils and their effort throughout the Autumn Term and I would like to take this opportunity to praise them once again! We have had plenty of opportunities to enjoy ourselves this year too; Llanrug being a particular highlight with the unseasonably warm weather we experienced that week. This week has definitely seen all children getting into the Christmas spirit and I was incredibly proud of everyone in Year 5 and 6 for their singing in our carol concert on Wednesday morning - it was pleasing to see how much they enjoyed themselves singing to parents/carers. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank all parents and carers for your support during the first term of Year 6. We appreciate your support at school events and help with ensuring children arrive in school ready to learn and having completed all necessary homework. I hope all pupils enjoy their thoroughly deserved break for two weeks and wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I look forward to seeing you all again in 2016!!

Week commencing 30/11/15


The countdown to Christmas is definitely on in Year 6, with pupils beginning to send one another Christmas cards and getting into the festive spirit. This coincides with today being our PTFA Christmas Fayre; our Year 6 pupils have been busy preparing for tonight's fayre by coming up with festive ways to help make it as enjoyable as ever. Year 6 stalls will be situated in Mrs Hashdi's (2H) classroom with over half of our pupils helping out on stalls. If you are able to attend the fayre as a visitor, please come and say hello to us all! In addition to this, we have also been working very hard during maths lessons, finding the area of compound shapes, triangles and parallelograms. In English, we've been exploring the diary of Anne Frank and the children have dealt well with what is a moving text. We have also been learning songs/readings for our UKS2 carol concert (taking place in the Junior hall on Wednesday 16th December at 9.30am - all welcome!!) and singing some traditional carols alongside our uplifting Christmas favourites! Time is passing us by so quickly that we only have two weeks left until we break up for Christmas. However, there is lots of hard work and festive activities to look forward to before then. We hope to see you all tonight at the Christmas Fayre and I hope everyone has an enjoyable weekend!


Week commencing 09/11/15


What a week! Year 6 had to wait until Thursday this week for our day of raising money for Children in Need, but it was well worth the wait. On Thursday, all Year 6 pupils dressed in their pyjamas, brought in cakes to sell and many even ran their own stalls in order to raise as much money as possible. Additionally, we sold cakes after school on the playground in order to make some extra money for such a worthy cause. In the end, Year 6 raised over £230 and we were all delighted to receive a visit from Pudsey on Friday as a reward for our effort. Of course, the rest of the week has included the usual hard work from all pupils and I feel that the first two weeks of this half term have gone very well; children in 6R are completing homework regularly and are prepared to work very hard during all lessons. I have been impressed with the effort of all children this week, especially when raising money for Children in Need. Well done 6R - have a fully deserved weekend of relaxation!


Week commencing 19/10/15


It has been another busy week to complete what has been an extremely busy half term. It is always worth looking back over the last seven weeks and reflecting on how much work has been done and how much progress has been made. It was a pleasure to meet all parents/carers at Parents' Evening this week and to discuss how the children have progressed in the opening few weeks. I am confident that all pupils are now used to all of our school rules and routines and this will enable us to have another half term of progress, enjoyment and hard work in the build up to Christmas! I want to praise the children for their hard work, enthusiasm and perseverance in their first half term as Year 6 pupils and would like to thank all parents/carers for your support. Have a relaxing and enjoyable half term!


Week commencing 5/10/15


Following our fantastic visit to Arete Outdoor Education Centre last week, it has been a week of getting back to normality this week. Our pupils were excited to see one another again on Monday morning and share some stories of the trip. Those children who did not go on the residential were also keen to explain what they had been doing in school the previous week. This week has brought about a return to our normal Year 6 curriculum and we read the narrative poem 'The Highwayman' to the end in English and pupils enjoyed finding lots of literary devices used within it, before writing excellent diary entries as one of the characters. In maths, we have continued to work on our four rules of number and all pupils have made good progress. We have been lucky enough to have visitors at Peterbrook this week too and it was interesting to hear the story of paralympian David Hill, who was happy to answer questions about his sporting achievements. We were also visited by guide dogs and look forward to raising money for them in a couple of weeks time. The week came to an end with a celebration of Harvest Festival and I was delighted with the amount of produce brought into school by the pupils in 6R -  a superb achievement! The harvest boxes will now be sent to members of our community and we are very proud to have played a part in this. I finish the week by reminding pupils to complete all set homework and have a fantastic, relaxing weekend!


Week commencing 21/09/15


Another busy week has come to an end in 6R! Our value for the week in school is 'peace' and the children have done their best to ensure that the week has passed peacefully! We enjoyed playing throw tennis in PE, with the children showing their quick reactions and thinking skills. In IPC, we have continued to look at the Mayan civilisation, with a particular focus on the city states and their similarities and differences. In English lessons, we have finally started to read the narrative poem 'The Highwayman' and children worked superbly well in finding rhyme, alliteration, repetition, similes and metaphors within the poem. In maths, we have looked at the four rules of number and used our knowledge of these to solve problems.


Overall, I have been impressed with the behaviour and attitude of the class. Next week brings our residential to Arete Outdoor Education Centre, with arrangements remaining the same (please arrive at school for 7.45am). For those pupils who will be remaining in school, there are fun activities planned for you as well!


Homework - English and MyMaths homework have both been set and are due in on Wednesday 7th October due to the residential next week.


Have a great weekend everyone!


Week commencing 14/09/15


Wow! What a couple of weeks we have had in 6R! I think (and hope!) it's fair to say that the children have come home tired today and ready for the weekend. Over the last two weeks, we have looked at word classes, spellings, punctuation, tenses and narrative poetry and have completed lots of written work - and that's just in our English lessons. The children have also worked on some huge numbers in maths, even going beyond ten million! In the afternoon, we have been lucky enough to go outdoors for PE and have been studying the Mayan civilisation around the time of AD900 in our IPC topic. 


Despite all of the hard work, we have had fun along the way and I have been delighted with the pupils' determination to show their ability in the different subject areas. It has also been a delight to get to know everyone's personality and to discuss the hobbies and interests of all of the children in 6R! 


I am sure that the hard work will continue and remind pupils that there is a spelling test on Monday and their English and maths (MyMaths) homework are both due in next Wednesday. Have a great weekend!

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