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Welcome to 6HW!

​This is our own class page where we plan to include information and photographs about what we are learning together as a class as well as celebrate key events 6HW becomes involved in at school this year.

Week commencing 26th June 2017

We are having a busy second half to the summer term up in Year 6. Our rehearsals for our end of year production are going really well and we cannot wait to share it with parents and carers in a couple of weeks. Please can all pupils remember to make sure their costumes are in school next week.


Last week was our whole school Creative Arts Week - please see the dedicated section on the Year 6 page to see photos of all the exciting activities we took part in.


Today (Friday) we took the train from Shirley station to Stratford-upon-Avon and had a fantastic day visiting an exhibition at the RSC and taking a lift to the top of the theatre tower to get stunning views of Stratford. We also enjoyed eating our lunch on the grass outside the theatre and playing in the fields alongside the river. What a great day! Again, please look at the dedicated section on the Year 6 page to see photos of the trip.

Week commencing 15th May 2017

A huge congratulations to Year 6 for the effort they put into SATs week and the weeks leading up to this. Our pupils couldn't have done any more to prepare for the tests and should feel very proud that they performed to their best potential all week.


We are really enjoying a break from revision and homework this week! We have revealed plans for the end of year production and have started to allocate parts following some entertaining auditions. We already feel familiar with many of the songs even only after hearing them a few times. Scripts will be given out over the coming week so that children can start learning their parts over the May half term holiday.


As well as taking part in singing and drama activities this week, we also had an entertaining visit from Loudmouth Theatre Company who addressed the themes of changing relationships and puberty in an engaging and mature manner. We've enjoyed getting the paints out in art and have created some super sunset pictures - look at the photos below to see us creating our masterpieces!

Sunset silhouettes

Sunset silhouettes 1
Sunset silhouettes 2
Sunset silhouettes 3
Sunset silhouettes 4
Sunset silhouettes 5
Sunset silhouettes 6
Sunset silhouettes 7
Sunset silhouettes 8
Sunset silhouettes 9
Sunset silhouettes 10
Sunset silhouettes 11
Sunset silhouettes 12
Sunset silhouettes 13

Week commencing 3rd April 2017


As we come to the end of the spring term, we just wanted to say well done to our 6CH pupils for all the hard work they have put into SATs preparations during the last few weeks. We have sent every pupil home with a pack of revision work to get through in their own time over the Easter holiday and hope that this will be useful preparation. We will discuss and mark this work together during the first week back. 


Just as important is to have a really good break. We therefore wish you all a very Happy Easter and hope that you all find plenty of time to relax and have fun.


See you in a few weeks!

Week commencing 13th March 2017

As well as doing lots of English and Maths SATs practice this week, we have had fun celebrating National Science Week in Year 6.


We were really proud of all the pupils in 6CH who prepared and brought in fascinating Science experiments to share with the school. The photos below show the super efforts our pupils went to. Well done to everyone who participated and of course the winners.


Today (Friday), we were lucky enough to attend The Big Bang Fair at the NEC where we got to see and experience a whole range of scientific experiences. A fabulous end to the week!

Our Peterbrook Science Fair

Our Peterbrook Science Fair 1
Our Peterbrook Science Fair 2
Our Peterbrook Science Fair 3
Our Peterbrook Science Fair 4
Our Peterbrook Science Fair 5
Our Peterbrook Science Fair 6
Our Peterbrook Science Fair 7
Our Peterbrook Science Fair 8
Our Peterbrook Science Fair 9
Our Peterbrook Science Fair 10
Our Peterbrook Science Fair 11
Our Peterbrook Science Fair 12
Our Peterbrook Science Fair 13
Our Peterbrook Science Fair 14
Our Peterbrook Science Fair 15
Our Peterbrook Science Fair 16
Our Peterbrook Science Fair 17
Our Peterbrook Science Fair 18
Our Peterbrook Science Fair 19
Our Peterbrook Science Fair 20
Our Peterbrook Science Fair 21
Our Peterbrook Science Fair 22

Big Bang Fair at The NEC

Big Bang Fair at The NEC 1
Big Bang Fair at The NEC 2
Big Bang Fair at The NEC 3
Big Bang Fair at The NEC 4
Big Bang Fair at The NEC 5
Big Bang Fair at The NEC 6
Big Bang Fair at The NEC 7
Big Bang Fair at The NEC 8
Big Bang Fair at The NEC 9
Big Bang Fair at The NEC 10
Big Bang Fair at The NEC 11
Big Bang Fair at The NEC 12
Big Bang Fair at The NEC 13
Big Bang Fair at The NEC 14
Big Bang Fair at The NEC 15
Big Bang Fair at The NEC 16
Big Bang Fair at The NEC 17
Big Bang Fair at The NEC 18
Big Bang Fair at The NEC 19
Big Bang Fair at The NEC 20
Big Bang Fair at The NEC 21
Big Bang Fair at The NEC 22
Big Bang Fair at The NEC 23
Big Bang Fair at The NEC 24
Big Bang Fair at The NEC 25
Big Bang Fair at The NEC 26
Big Bang Fair at The NEC 27

Week commencing 27th February 2017


Mrs Carey joined our class this week - it's been wonderful to have her back in Year 6!


A huge highlight for the whole school this week was World Book Day on Thursday 2nd March. 6CH didn't let the side down and came to school dressed as an amazing range of characters. Enjoy looking at our photos below!

6CH does World Book Day

6CH does World Book Day 1
6CH does World Book Day 2
6CH does World Book Day 3
6CH does World Book Day 4
6CH does World Book Day 5
6CH does World Book Day 6
6CH does World Book Day 7
6CH does World Book Day 8
6CH does World Book Day 9
6CH does World Book Day 10
6CH does World Book Day 11
6CH does World Book Day 12
6CH does World Book Day 13
6CH does World Book Day 14
6CH does World Book Day 15
6CH does World Book Day 16
6CH does World Book Day 17
6CH does World Book Day 18
6CH does World Book Day 19
6CH does World Book Day 20
6CH does World Book Day 21
6CH does World Book Day 22
6CH does World Book Day 23
6CH does World Book Day 24
6CH does World Book Day 25
6CH does World Book Day 26
6CH does World Book Day 27
6CH does World Book Day 28
6CH does World Book Day 29
6CH does World Book Day 30
6CH does World Book Day 31
6CH does World Book Day 32
6CH does World Book Day 33
6CH does World Book Day 34
6CH does World Book Day 35
6CH does World Book Day 36
6CH does World Book Day 37
6CH does World Book Day 38

Week commencing 6th February 2017


This week we have enjoyed taking our English unit based on Captain Scott a little further. Every pupil prepared a box of 'luxury items' they would take on an expedition to Antarctica. These items then provided excellent inspiration for pupils to write a poem based on 'The Magic Box' by Kit Wright.


Take a look at some photos of our boxes below as well as a couple showing us exploring rounds and canons in Music.


Wishing you all a great weekend!

Antarctic boxes

Antarctic boxes 1
Antarctic boxes 2
Antarctic boxes 3
Antarctic boxes 4
Antarctic boxes 5
Antarctic boxes 6
Antarctic boxes 7
Antarctic boxes 8
Antarctic boxes 9
Antarctic boxes 10
Antarctic boxes 11
Antarctic boxes 12
Antarctic boxes 13
Antarctic boxes 14
Antarctic boxes 15
Antarctic boxes 16
Antarctic boxes 17
Antarctic boxes 18
Antarctic boxes 19
Antarctic boxes 20
Antarctic boxes 21
Antarctic boxes 22
Antarctic boxes 23
Antarctic boxes 24
Antarctic boxes 25
Antarctic boxes 26
Antarctic boxes 27

Music - practising rounds

Music - practising rounds 1
Music - practising rounds 2

Week commencing 30th January 2017


The last two weeks has seen us complete our work on World War 2 and move onto some new topics. In English we are studying the real life events of Captain Scott's voyage to the Antarctic. We have been fascinated by the challenges he and his team faced and have tried to put ourselves in his place whilst producing creative writing. Pupils wrote convincing letters of application to Captain Scott and Mrs Hurd had the difficult job of selecting three 'candidates' from the letters. Captain Scott had the more difficult job of choosing just 25 people for his team from over 1,000 applicants!


In Maths we have been getting our heads around fractions, decimals and percentages and have made some excellent progress. Everyone felt a lot more confident after today's lesson.


Other topics looked at in the past two weeks include: 'rounds' in Music; exploring body shape and sketching this in Art; researching charities as part of our latest Jigsaw topic and presenting this to the rest of the class. Look at the photos below to see 6HW pupils telling the rest of the class about their chosen charity.


We have been delighted with the improvement in completion of homework this week and expect everyone to put this effort in every week so that we can feel proud as a class of our hard work.

Charity research and presentations

Charity research and presentations 1
Charity research and presentations 2
Charity research and presentations 3
Charity research and presentations 4
Charity research and presentations 5
Charity research and presentations 6
Charity research and presentations 7
Charity research and presentations 8
Charity research and presentations 9
Charity research and presentations 10
Charity research and presentations 11
Charity research and presentations 12
Charity research and presentations 13
Charity research and presentations 14
Charity research and presentations 15
Charity research and presentations 16
Charity research and presentations 17
Charity research and presentations 18
Charity research and presentations 19
Charity research and presentations 20
Charity research and presentations 21
Charity research and presentations 22
Charity research and presentations 23
Charity research and presentations 24
Charity research and presentations 25
Charity research and presentations 26
Charity research and presentations 27

Week commencing 9th January 2017

Just a quick note to say well done to all our pupils (and their parents / carers) for such fabulous costumes on our Evacuee Day. Everyone looked so authentic and we all really enjoyed finding about more about World War 2 during our special day. Take a look at the photos below to get a little flavour of how things looked in Year 6 last week!

Evacuee Day

Evacuee Day 1
Evacuee Day 2
Evacuee Day 3
Evacuee Day 4
Evacuee Day 5
Evacuee Day 6
Evacuee Day 7
Evacuee Day 8
Evacuee Day 9
Evacuee Day 10
Evacuee Day 11
Evacuee Day 12
Evacuee Day 13

Week commencing 12th December 2016

As we come to the end of the Autumn term, we just wanted to say well done to our 6HW pupils for all the hard work they have put in since September.


Everyone has had to work hard and face many challenges but the progress we are now starting to see proves just how worthwhile putting in that extra bit of effort is.


We have enjoyed getting into the Christmas spirit this week and have produced cards, calendars and decorations. Our Christmas carol concert on Thursday was outstanding and our pupils should feel really proud of what they produced.


Thank you so much for our lovely cards and presents. 


Wishing you all a very HAPPY CHRISTMAS! We look forward to seeing you all back at school in January.

Week commencing Monday 14th November 2016


We've enjoyed having a break from the usual routine this week in Year 6.


On Monday we went on a trip to Safeside. You can find out about this trip and view photos of the day on the 'Latest News' section of the website. It was a really valuable visit and we hope our Year 6 pupils will remember the important safety messages we were taught as they become more independent in their lives.


On Wednesday we took our Mayan mask-making one step further and turned our designs into clay models. We loved getting stuck into the clay and once they are dry, will plan how to paint them.


We held fundraising activities for Children in Need a day early on Thursday. We ran a massive cake sale, stalls, games and raffles. We're pretty confident we have raised a significant amount of money and will be able to confirm the total next week.


Today (Friday) we have explored many issues linked to bullying as part of national 'Anti-bullying Week'. We thought about the differences between bullying and being mean and rude. We then went on to explore the term diversity and celebrated the amount of diversity we have in our class.


We finished the week in the hall with the rest of the school for the 'Pudsey Factor' talent show. Well done to Niamh, Mya, Lorenne and Ebondu for reaching the final and an extra well done to Ebondu for finishing in third place with some outstanding dance moves.


A few pictures from the week are below...

Mask making with clay

Mask making with clay 1
Mask making with clay 2
Mask making with clay 3
Mask making with clay 4
Mask making with clay 5
Mask making with clay 6
Mask making with clay 7
Mask making with clay 8
Mask making with clay 9
Mask making with clay 10
Mask making with clay 11
Mask making with clay 12
Mask making with clay 13

Fundraising for Children in Need

Fundraising for Children in Need 1
Fundraising for Children in Need 2
Fundraising for Children in Need 3
Fundraising for Children in Need 4
Fundraising for Children in Need 5
Fundraising for Children in Need 6
Fundraising for Children in Need 7
Fundraising for Children in Need 8
Fundraising for Children in Need 9
Fundraising for Children in Need 10
Fundraising for Children in Need 11
Fundraising for Children in Need 12
Fundraising for Children in Need 13
Fundraising for Children in Need 14
Fundraising for Children in Need 15
Fundraising for Children in Need 16
Fundraising for Children in Need 17

Anti-bullying thoughts

Anti-bullying thoughts 1
Anti-bullying thoughts 2
Anti-bullying thoughts 3
Anti-bullying thoughts 4
Anti-bullying thoughts 5

Week commencing Monday 7th November 2016

I thought it would be nice to share a few pictures of some of the activities 6HW have been involved in over the last two weeks.


The photos show pupils exploring proportion in Maths - they measured each other and then attempted to scale this measurement up or down; Ewan sharing his African drum playing (this was inspired by our topic work on AD 900 and the research we conducted on Benin City in particular); pupils exploring the topic of disability in PSHE through group work where each member had to either remain seated, tie an arm behind their back or be blind-folded whilst making a paper aeroplane. Another activity we attempted was passing a tennis ball around our group without using our hands. It was all quite challenging and opened up our eyes to obstacles many people have to face in everyday life.


Please remember our Safeside trip on Monday (you need to be in school for 8.45am) and our special Year 6 fundraising day next Thursday for Children in Need.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8
Picture 9
Picture 10
Picture 11
Picture 12
Picture 13
Picture 14
Picture 15
Picture 16
Picture 17
Picture 18
Picture 19

Week commencing 10th October 2016

​What a busy first five weeks in Year 6 we've had! 6HW has relished the responsibility of being 'top' of the school since returning in September and pupils have taken on a host of jobs around the school which help daily life at Peterbrook run smoothly. From house captains to fruit monitors, class council reps to book club members - 6HW haven't been afraid to get stuck in and we've been really proud of the enthusiasm shown towards the extra opportunities open to our Year 6 pupils.


​In terms of the challenging curriculum we are all tackling in Year 6, we have embarked upon numerous new topics. In English we are looking at narrative poetry and are thoroughly enjoying exploring clues behind the poem, The Highwayman. In maths, we are really trying to strengthen our reasoning skills by applying our core number skills to wider areas of maths. This is proving challenging but we are definitely making progress. Although many pupils groaned when we mentioned fractions last week, they were all buzzing with the challenge of simplifying these by Friday! Our history and geography topic this half term is AD900 and we have been exploring the Maya civilisation to investigate this interesting period of time. P.E has included 'throw tennis' and 'benchball' as well as a selection of ball skills and warm ups to help us approach each of these games appropriately. In music we have looked at some basic notation and we are exploring Humanists in RE. Pupils are thinking about our heart, lungs and circulation in Science and enjoyed taking their learning outside recently to produce sketches in chalk of the circulatory system on the playground!


​Last week, Year 6 performed beautifully in our school Harvest assembly. Soloists, group singers and the whole year group came together to perform an atmospheric harvest song to the school. We certainly have a lot of musical talent in Year 6 this year.


​Those of us who went to Llanrug at the end of September had an unforgettable time. Do make sure you look at the Arete Centre website to view photos of our amazing trip. Our pupils (and teachers!) were so brave tackling many new challenges and we were all really proud of them during our week away. It was also lovely to return to school to catch up with our friends who had enjoyed a varied week at school undertaking plenty of PE, Art and interesting project work.


​Mrs Hurd and Mrs Wheatley are looking forward to meeting parents of 6HW this week at Parents' Evening where we will be able to talk more about your children's achievements so far this half term.

Homework reminders

Monday - Arithmetic (due in Friday); spellings (tested the following Monday).

Friday - English; MyMaths (both due in the following Wednesday).

Pupils are also set weekly reading targets which are recorded in their blue reading records. These must be signed at home.


Most children have got on top of our Year 6 timetable but there are still some pupils who are falling behind with homework or are lacking organisation with regards to completing it. Please could you stick up a copy of the homework timetable at home and work with your child to ensure homework is completed on time? Thank you.


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