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Mrs Hurd & Mrs Butler

Year 6 summer term curriculum overview

Week ending 3rd July 2015


We've enjoyed a mainly hot and sunny week in Year 6 and have made the most of opportunities out on the field. Sports Day on Thursday afternoon was great fun! We moved round lots of activities as a class competing in events which included sprint, skipping, basketball shoot out, long distance run, javeling, hockey dribble and an obstacle course. The children were kept well and truly busy and worked up quite a sweat! Well done to all those who managed to come in the top three for each event but an even bigger well done to everyone for taking part in such a positive manner.


The rest of the week has been taken up with secondary school visits and production rehearsals which are improving all the time. Keep going over your lines Year 6 and remember to act, even when you are not actually saying anything on stage - you can still be seen!


Congratulations to Hannah S, Keeleyanne and Katherine who all received certificates in Celebration Assembly today.


Have a lovely weekend in the sun 6HB!


Week ending 26th June 2015

It's been another busy week in Year 6. We have made great progress with production practices. Everybody knows their lines (just about!) and the children are starting to introduce acting skills and drama techniques into their performances now. We have been particularly impressed by the courage shown by so many of our pupils when they have managed to sing solos in front of the year group - well done!


On Thursday we took our performance skills to new levels. We participated in a drama, dance and movement workshop which had to be rescheduled from Creative Arts Week because Jo, our fantastic teacher, had been poorly. It was definitely worth the wait! Jo showed the children how they could bring Twentieth Century pieces of artwork to life through  body movement and positioning. It was a highly interactive and engaging session which we all loved. Pictures of our 'works of art' are below.


On Friday, Year 6 had an excellent trip to 'Safeside at Eastside' in Birmingham. Morning workshops were run by members of the fire service where we explored elements of road safety and the benefits of using public transport. In this session we were able to go outside and use portable speed trackers to see how fast the traffic was going. Nearly all the vehicles we monitored were going over the 30 mph speed limit. We also considered safety measures for children when using public transport. The afternoon was spent in the 'village' which was fantastic. Pupils had the opportunity to explore real life scenarios whilst thinking about how they could keep themselves safe. The pictures below show how real to life each area was from the canal to the corner shop. This was perfect timing for our Year sixes who will become much more independent next year when they move up to secondary school. Behaviour on the trip was excellent - well done Year 6!



Drama workshop

Drama workshop 1
Drama workshop 2
Drama workshop 3
Drama workshop 4
Drama workshop 5
Drama workshop 6
Drama workshop 7
Drama workshop 8
Drama workshop 9
Drama workshop 10
Drama workshop 11
Drama workshop 12
Drama workshop 13
Drama workshop 14
Drama workshop 15
Drama workshop 16
Drama workshop 17
Drama workshop 18

Safeside visit

Safeside visit 1
Safeside visit 2
Safeside visit 3
Safeside visit 4
Safeside visit 5
Safeside visit 6
Safeside visit 7
Safeside visit 8
Safeside visit 9
Safeside visit 10
Safeside visit 11
Safeside visit 12
Safeside visit 13
Safeside visit 14
Safeside visit 15

Week ending 19th June 2015


We've had another busy week in Year 6. We've had some really productive rehearsals for our end of year show. We've worked through most of the scenes now and choreographed a lot of the dances. We're having so much fun with the dancing and it is great to discover that we all have some sort of dancing ability! We've been so impressed by the confidence of the pupils and their willingness to give anything a go!


On Tuesday afternoon, 6HB went on a 'Farm to Fork' trip to Tesco. Jade and Katherine have written about the trip below:


On Tuesday, we went to Tesco Extra in Monkspath for the afternoon. We were greeted by two members of staff called Claire and Sarah. First, we went to the bakery where we were shown how bread was made by a baker called Adam. When that was done, we went to the fresh produce department where we had to look at different fruit and vegetables and find out where they came from by looking at the label. After that, we went to the fish counter and named different types of fish that we saw. Rob, the fishmonger, let us feel a rainbow trout (with gloves on of course.) Next, we went to the cheese counter and tried three types of cheese: five counties, applewood and mature cheddar. We even got to smell blue cheese which was so strong we all moaned!


We were taken into the staff premises where we experienced how cold it was in the fridges and freezers. At one point we got to lock the teachers in the freezers! Afterwards, we went into the staff lounge where members of staff had their breaks. We sat on benches and tasted two different types of bread: tiger bread and brown bread. Then, we made fruit kebabs with many different types of fruit. We were served some cherry squash and more bread as well. Sarah and Claire gave us each goodie bags which contained food recipes and stickers. Finally, we returned to school just in time to go home.


By Jade & Katherine, 6HB.


On Friday we celebrated Green Day in school. In 6HB we looked at the theme of 'Water vulnerability' - this turned out to be a really thought provoking session. We were very impressed by the children's maturity. We also visited the Father's Day and eco cake sale and celebrated recent achievements in Celebration Assembly. A fantastic week in 6HB!



Week ending 12th June 2015


Creative Arts Week!


What an incredible week we've had, not just in 6HB but also the whole school. We have experienced a jam-packed Creative Arts extravaganza this week whilst exploring the theme of Twentieth Century art and artists.


Our photo diary below shows how 6HB have been celebrating the arts each day this week. We can't wait until the next Creative Arts Week!


Monday 8th June


In the morning we took inspiration from Matisse and created checker boards and cut out designs in the style of this iconic artist. In the afternoon we studied some of the ceramic work by artist, Kate Mallone and used air-dry clay to make our own pinch pots. We tried hard to incorporate a bit of a twist or some of our personality into our pots. We had to leave the pots to dry for several days before painting them.

Clay pot making and designing

Clay pot making and designing 1
Clay pot making and designing 2
Clay pot making and designing 3
Clay pot making and designing 4
Clay pot making and designing 5
Clay pot making and designing 6
Clay pot making and designing 7
Clay pot making and designing 8
Clay pot making and designing 9
Clay pot making and designing 10

Tuesday 9th June


This morning we started work on our poem ready for a whole school performance on Thursday. Our poem is called Roller Coaster (it was actually originally written by a child, not a famous poet). We worked as a year group and split into groups  where we worked on a verse each. We experimented with actions, changing our voices and using percussion instruments to add interest. We made a promising start!


Later on in the morning, we watched the BBC Ten Pieces production which was fabulous. This film contains ten pieces of classical music - some modern, some really quite old. From Mozart to Stravinsky - we were all hooked! It was truly inspiring and we chatted about our preferences and how the music made us feel.


In the afternoon we created some Warhol-inspired art based on self portraits.

Warhol-inspired portraits

Warhol-inspired portraits 1
Warhol-inspired portraits 2
Warhol-inspired portraits 3
Warhol-inspired portraits 4
Warhol-inspired portraits 5
Warhol-inspired portraits 6
Warhol-inspired portraits 7
Warhol-inspired portraits 8
Warhol-inspired portraits 9

Wednesday 10th June


This morning we finished off our Warhol pictures and rehearsed for our end of year production. The dances are looking fabulous but we're not going to share any photos as we want it to be a big surprise in July! In the afternoon, we used Warhol's soup can designs as inspiration to draw a new soup can design. We had lots of fun deciding upon names for our new products!



Thursday 11th June


This morning we put the finishing touches to 'Roller Coaster' and we were all really pleased with the final result. After break we had a real treat. A string quartet from the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra, 'The Stringcredibles' came into school to work with us all. Key Stage 2 enjoyed a wonderful session in the hall where we were thoroughly entertained by these incredible musicians whilst learning all about music at the same time.


In the afternoon we got together as a school to share our performance poems. The standard was incredibly high and we were all fully entertained.


Finished Warhol portraits

Finished Warhol portraits 1
Finished Warhol portraits 2
Finished Warhol portraits 3
Finished Warhol portraits 4
Finished Warhol portraits 5
Finished Warhol portraits 6
Finished Warhol portraits 7
Finished Warhol portraits 8

The Stringcredibles!

The Stringcredibles! 1
The Stringcredibles! 2
The Stringcredibles! 3
The Stringcredibles! 4

Painting our pots

Painting our pots 1
Painting our pots 2
Painting our pots 3
Painting our pots 4
Painting our pots 5
Painting our pots 6
Painting our pots 7
Painting our pots 8
Painting our pots 9
Painting our pots 10
Painting our pots 11
Painting our pots 12
Painting our pots 13
Painting our pots 14
Painting our pots 15

Friday 12th June


Today eveything came together in our whole school exhibition. We are all so proud of our own work and the work of all the other children in school. Look at the amazing photos below...

Our final exhibition

Our final exhibition 1
Our final exhibition 2
Our final exhibition 3
Our final exhibition 4
Our final exhibition 5
Our final exhibition 6
Our final exhibition 7
Our final exhibition 8
Our final exhibition 9
Our final exhibition 10
Our final exhibition 11
Our final exhibition 12
Our final exhibition 13
Our final exhibition 14
Our final exhibition 15
Our final exhibition 16
Our final exhibition 17
Our final exhibition 18
Our final exhibition 19
Our final exhibition 20

Week ending 5th June 2015

Mrs Hurd had a wonderful few days at Dunfield House with the Year Fives before Half Term but it was lovely to be back with 6HB at the end of this beautifully sunny week.


We've started off our final half term at Peterbrook really well. Many pupils have returned after the holidays having learned all their lines for the end of year production. Jenni from Learning Curves has had two fantastic sessions choreographing dances with the children and these are already looking amazing! Our singing is also coming on nicely.


Mrs Butler challenged 6HB to research, plan and cost out an ideal summer holiday for herself and her family. The children have enjoyed using the laptops to carry out the research and presented their PowerPoints to the class today. We're now all ready for another holiday! Some photos of the children carrying out their research are below.


We have continued reading Journey to the River Sea in English lessons and will soon come to the end of this gripping novel.


What a fantastic week! Next week promises to be excellent - a whole week of creative arts activities....




Week ending 15th May 2015

What an achievement! After months of hard work, we have finished our SATs. All the staff at Peterbrook are incredibly proud of our Year 6 pupils who have remained calm and in control all week to perform to the best of their abilities in all tests.


We thoroughly enjoyed our daily breakfast club this week and feel that the toast and juice set everyone up well for the tests.


Well done 6HB, you have worked incredibly hard. Now we can start thinking about our end of year production which promises to be fabulous....!!

Celebrating the end of our last SAT!

Celebrating the end of our last SAT! 1
Celebrating the end of our last SAT! 2
Celebrating the end of our last SAT! 3
Celebrating the end of our last SAT! 4
Celebrating the end of our last SAT! 5

Week ending Friday 1st May 2015


With only three more school days to go until SATs (next Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday), this week has involved A LOT of revision! 6HB have continued to impress us with their approach to revision, carrying out nightly homework tasks and fully applying themselves in lessons. Well done 6HB - one little last push and we'll be ready!


It's not all SATs, SATs, SATs though....we have managed to fit in some art work where we have followed an underwater theme, creating fluid images of sea creatures using watered down paint. These look great on our classroom window when the sun shines. We've included a few pictures below.


We have also continued with our French lessons where we are currently learning about the body (le corps). We created some labels this week to help us remember the names for key body parts. Our pictures below should help!


Have a lovely Bank Holiday weekend!



Underwater seascape pictures

Underwater seascape pictures 1
Underwater seascape pictures 2
Underwater seascape pictures 3
Underwater seascape pictures 4
Underwater seascape pictures 5

French names for body parts

French names for body parts 1
French names for body parts 2
French names for body parts 3
French names for body parts 4
French names for body parts 5
French names for body parts 6
French names for body parts 7
French names for body parts 8
French names for body parts 9

Meet some of the class!

We know we look a bit different in these pictures but we love dressing up in 6HB and can't wait for our summer performance (more details to follow after SATs!) when we will be able to get into costume again. Don't worry if your photo isn't up yet, more photos will be added over the course of this term.



Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8
Picture 9
Picture 10
Picture 11
Picture 12
Picture 13

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