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Welcome to our very own web page for 6CH. Throughout the year, we will post pictures and details of activities that 6CH have taken part in. We are looking forward to an exciting, challenging and fun-filled year!

Mrs Hurd & Mrs Carey

Week ending Friday 1st July 2016


It’s hard to believe that Year 6 now has less than four weeks left at Peterbrook! We’ve been so busy since our SATs and have lots more planned for our remaining time at school so I thought it was time to update you on our activities.


Mrs Wheatley joined the Year 6 teaching team after half term and she has enjoyed getting to know the children. We continued producing some excellent writing after the half term break, trying hard to implement all the different techniques we’ve been learning this year. We have produced election manifestos, detective reports and fictional stories. Do come in and look at our Big Write books to see our progress when you have a chance!


We have a wonderful end of year production in the pipeline and are now cracking on with rehearsals. Everyone just about knows their lines and now it’s time to start adding props and costumes to make sure we are ready for our performances on 12th and 13th July.


Our school trip to Stratford last Friday was fantastic. The sun shone allowing us to enjoy a picnic outside the Royal Shakespeare Company theatre and a trip across the River Avon on a chain ferry. Our tour around the theatre was fascinating – we saw costumes, dressing rooms and loved looking down at the stage from high up in the theatre. The pupils were well behaved and were complimented by members of the public on our train journeys to and from Stratford. Look at the ‘Latest news’ section of the website to see a few photos from our trip.


Our remaining weeks at Peterbrook should be fun – final rehearsals for our production; a swimming trip; leavers’ disco and assembly to name but a few upcoming events.


Make the most of this time 6HW!

Week ending Friday 13th May 2016

A huge well done to our Year 6 pupils on completing your SATs this week. You approached every test with a super, ‘can do’ attitude and performed to the best of your abilities. We are all very proud of you and definitely think you deserve a break from revision and extra homework this weekend! I hope you’ve got some nice things planned!


We celebrated the end of SATs on Thursday with a sunny games afternoon on the field, pausing for biscuits kindly provided by Mrs Thorne.


This morning we started looking to the future and held auditions for our end of year production. We have many brave pupils in the year and were impressed by the amount of clear speaking and beautiful singing voices we heard. Mr Randle and I now have the tricky job of sorting out parts but will be able to reveal these to pupils next week.


We rounded up a week to be proud of with a DVD afternoon – this was well earned!


Well done Year 6, you have been superstars this week!

Week ending Friday 22nd April 2016

We’ve been hard at work since returning to school after the Easter break. Our SATs are only two weeks away and our Year 6 pupils have been working so hard to prepare as best as possible for the tests.


A huge well done to all pupils who completed the Easter holiday homework – it has been really helpful marking it together in class and sharing our different strategies to solve different problems and to approach certain questions.


As well as the obvious focus on Maths and English over the last two weeks, we have also enjoyed exploring other areas of the curriculum. Our new IPC topic, ‘What a Wonderful World’ is proving to be very interesting. We are busy creating our own digital calendars representing the theme, ‘Planet Earth’. They look spectacular so far. We have also learned about different biomes around the world and thought about what affects the climate. We have also compared data from different countries and discussed issues raised such as life expectancy and poverty.


We are improving our tennis skills in PE and are hoping for some warm weather over the next few weeks as we develop our skills further both with Mrs Hurd and with Fit 4 Schools.


Mrs McCracken has led some engaging art lessons on self-portraits and we are looking forward to displaying our Picasso-inspired portraits very soon.


Over the next two weeks, Year 6 will be bringing home short daily homework tasks instead of weekly homework. These will not take long but will be excellent practice for the SATs. Please try your best to complete these.


Well done 6CH, a super start to the summer term!

Week ending Friday 18th March 2016

We started this week off very seriously tackling some practice SATs papers. Pupils approached the papers with great determination and have shown through the tests that they are continuing to make good progress.


We both enjoyed meeting 6CH parents again this week at our two Parents’ Evenings. It was lovely to share the pupils’ achievements with them as well as give tips on how we can make improvements to make the most of our remaining term at Peterbrook.


We ended the week with a couple of treats! We celebrated Sport Relief a day early on Thursday. Pupils came dressed ready for a full day of sport and we didn’t let them down! The photos below show 6CH enjoying a one mile run (apologies for the camera cover getting a little in the way!!). We also enjoyed playing a great game of ‘Tom and Jerry’ out on the field led by our very competent Sports Council rep, Josh, supported by his superb team! In the afternoon we completed an intensive session of circuit training in the hall. We were all exhausted by the end of the day and were particularly impressed by our football and netball team members who went on to compete in matches after school!


Today the school hall was turned into a planetarium and every year group had a session under the stars. Year 6 also watched a film in the planetarium about evolution which supported our current IPC topic, ‘Out of Africa’ superbly.

Sport Relief 2016

Sport Relief 2016 1
Sport Relief 2016 2
Sport Relief 2016 3
Sport Relief 2016 4
Sport Relief 2016 5
Sport Relief 2016 6
Sport Relief 2016 7
Sport Relief 2016 8
Sport Relief 2016 9
Sport Relief 2016 10
Sport Relief 2016 11
Sport Relief 2016 12
Sport Relief 2016 13

Week ending Friday 4th March 2016

We’ve tackled some challenging and interesting topics since returning from our Half Term holiday.


In English, we are reading a gripping novel by Eva Ibbotson called, ‘Journey to the River Sea’ where we see our main character, Maia, starting a new life in the Amazon. The description used by the author is vivid and paints a clear picture of what life might have been like for this fictional character.


We have been tackling co-ordinates in four quadrants in Maths this week. Remember, to write a co-ordinate you must go across the x axis first followed by up or down the y axis. By the end of the week we had all become much more confident and accurate plotting positive and negative points across all four quadrants.


We have continued exploring the topic of ‘Evolution’ in IPC and have had some super discussions about the topic.


It was the much anticipated annual World Book Day on Thursday and we had a fantastic day in 6CH. Pupils dressed up (see the super photos below), shared favourite books with members of Year 3 and carried out a whole range of activities based on their chosen books. The day certainly helped to enhance a love of reading for so many of us.

World Book Day 2016

World Book Day 2016 1
World Book Day 2016 2
World Book Day 2016 3
World Book Day 2016 4
World Book Day 2016 5
World Book Day 2016 6
World Book Day 2016 7
World Book Day 2016 8
World Book Day 2016 9
World Book Day 2016 10
World Book Day 2016 11
World Book Day 2016 12
World Book Day 2016 13
World Book Day 2016 14
World Book Day 2016 15
World Book Day 2016 16
World Book Day 2016 17
World Book Day 2016 18
World Book Day 2016 19
World Book Day 2016 20
World Book Day 2016 21

Week ending Friday 12th February 2016

We have reached the end of a busy half term and our 6CH pupils have put in a lot of effort this week remembering all their key skills to carry out some practice SATs papers. Although we still have a lot to learn, it has been lovely to see all the progress that has been made this half term as well.


We have not sent home much homework this half term holiday. In addition to the normal weekly spellings and regular home reading, pupils will have brought home a copy of an Arithmetic paper they completed earlier this week. We have explained to the pupils that we would like them to look through their paper this week to see if they can spot any errors, in particular the questions that involve adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing fractions. They can then try to correct these errors on their paper.



The numerator is the number at the top of the fraction.

The denominator is the number at the bottom of the fraction.


  • To multiply fractions – just multiply the two numerators and then the denominators.
  • To divide fractions – ‘flip’ the second fraction over, then multiply the two fractions together as above.
  • To add or subtract fractions – you need to find a common denominator for both. You can then keep the denominator the same when you add or subtract and just perform the addition or subtraction operation on the numerator.


We wish you all a happy Half Term break!

Week ending Friday 29th January 2016

We’ve had a varied and fulfilling week in 6CH. Read on to find out more!


We’ve really enjoyed getting stuck into our new IPC topic this week – ‘Fit for Life’. We took our pulse rates before and after exercise and plotted the results onto a graph to allow us to compare the results. We have appreciated and analysed a range of art work focussing on body shape and movement. We will be transferring our learning from these works to our own movement-inspired sketches over the coming weeks.


In English, we concluded our work on Captain Scott in a memorable way. Our pupils carried out some amazing homework where they had to pack a box of ‘luxury items’ which they would take on an expedition to the Antarctic. We had a lot of fun showing our belongings to the rest of the class and explaining why they were all so important to us. Chocolate, sweets, family photos, books and other personal precious items featured heavily in our boxes. We then used this inspiration to write poems based on the structure of the poem, The Magic Box by Kit Wright. The end results are really impressive and very thoughtful. Photos of many of our boxes are below.


In Maths we have tackled the topic of Algebra where we have replaced numbers with letters and have tried to complete linear equations. Most of us found this work quite challenging but we had all made super progress by the end of the week.


Finally, a big well done to our class members who attended the Holocaust Memorial Day in Solihull this week with Mr Randle and Mrs McCracken. You were a credit to the school and behaved impeccably and maturely during this thought provoking occasion.


Have a great weekend 6CH!

Our 'Magic Boxes'

Our 'Magic Boxes' 1
Our 'Magic Boxes' 2
Our 'Magic Boxes' 3
Our 'Magic Boxes' 4
Our 'Magic Boxes' 5
Our 'Magic Boxes' 6
Our 'Magic Boxes' 7
Our 'Magic Boxes' 8
Our 'Magic Boxes' 9
Our 'Magic Boxes' 10
Our 'Magic Boxes' 11
Our 'Magic Boxes' 12
Our 'Magic Boxes' 13

Week ending Friday 15th January 2016

The return to Year 6 in 2016 has been a good one! We have thoroughly enjoyed immersing ourselves in the topic of World War 2 over the last two weeks. We have investigated the key events of World War 2 and explored what life was like for those on the front line and those people experiencing the war back in Britain.


On Thursday this week we held a special ‘Evacuee Day’. As you can see from the photos below, pupils put great efforts into researching how an evacuee might have dressed and they came to school looking just the part. The extra touches pupils put into their costumes such as identity labels and gas mask boxes were impressive. We even had a real gas mask in the classroom which belonged to a great grandmother of a 6CH pupil – wow!


This afternoon we were privileged to welcome a combination of Grandfathers, Grandmothers and Great Grandmothers into school to meet with Year 6 in small groups and to share their experiences of the war. It was a truly fascinating afternoon and both pupils and teachers were amazed by some of the stories shared. Thank you so much to all family members of 6CH who gave up their afternoon to share some of the realities (some serious, some amusing) of the war.

I think we will all go home this weekend with an even greater respect for those people who had to live through such a challenging period of time.


Well done Year 6 for your excellent attitude this week and for the respect you have shown towards the topic.

Evacuee Day & Grandparents afternoon

Evacuee Day & Grandparents afternoon 1
Evacuee Day & Grandparents afternoon 2
Evacuee Day & Grandparents afternoon 3
Evacuee Day & Grandparents afternoon 4
Evacuee Day & Grandparents afternoon 5
Evacuee Day & Grandparents afternoon 6
Evacuee Day & Grandparents afternoon 7
Evacuee Day & Grandparents afternoon 8
Evacuee Day & Grandparents afternoon 9
Evacuee Day & Grandparents afternoon 10
Evacuee Day & Grandparents afternoon 11
Evacuee Day & Grandparents afternoon 12
Evacuee Day & Grandparents afternoon 13
Evacuee Day & Grandparents afternoon 14
Evacuee Day & Grandparents afternoon 15
Evacuee Day & Grandparents afternoon 16
Evacuee Day & Grandparents afternoon 17
Evacuee Day & Grandparents afternoon 18
Evacuee Day & Grandparents afternoon 19
Evacuee Day & Grandparents afternoon 20
Evacuee Day & Grandparents afternoon 21
Evacuee Day & Grandparents afternoon 22
Evacuee Day & Grandparents afternoon 23
Evacuee Day & Grandparents afternoon 24
Evacuee Day & Grandparents afternoon 25
Evacuee Day & Grandparents afternoon 26
Evacuee Day & Grandparents afternoon 27
Evacuee Day & Grandparents afternoon 28
Evacuee Day & Grandparents afternoon 29
Evacuee Day & Grandparents afternoon 30

Week ending Friday 18th December 2015

We have come to the end of a fantastic term in Year 6. Our pupils have worked hard and had a lot of fun at the same time. We’ve explored a whole range of topics across our English and IPC lessons: World War 1 and World War 2 fiction and non-fiction, electricity, AD900 and narrative poetry. In maths we have developed our skills and understanding in so many areas and made particular progress exploring fractions. Algebra was a favourite for many of us!


At the Christmas fair, Year 6 impressed us all with their creative (and money-making!) stalls. The pupils worked really hard all night and our three elves put smiles on many faces in the grotto!


We’ve enjoyed preparing for Christmas this week and have gone off timetable to create a whole range of Christmas crafts. The photos below show some of our masterpieces and these will also be coming home with the children today. Thanks to all parents and carers who attended our carol concert this week – we hope you enjoyed this special occasion.


Mrs Hurd and Mrs Carey would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas. We hope you all have a wonderful break!

Our Christmas creations!

Our Christmas creations! 1
Our Christmas creations! 2
Our Christmas creations! 3
Our Christmas creations! 4
Our Christmas creations! 5

Week ending Friday 13th November 2015

We’ve had a great week up in Year 6 and couldn’t be prouder of our pupils who, as a year group, raised a record-breaking amount for Children in Need (£213 – wow!). Pupils organised stalls, games and a huge cake sale to make money and even took the cake sale onto the playground to make a few extra pennies at the end of the day. Thank you so much to all parents and carers who supported their children in making and buying cakes, biscuits, pizza and ice-cream (yes, we even had homemade mint choc chip ice-cream! Thank you Holly, it went down really well!). Our reward for being the year group who raised the most money was a visit from Pudsey Bear during today’s maths lesson. We all enjoyed having our pictures taken with him – what a treat!

Raising money for Children in Need

Raising money for Children in Need 1
Raising money for Children in Need 2
Raising money for Children in Need 3
Raising money for Children in Need 4
Raising money for Children in Need 5
Raising money for Children in Need 6
Raising money for Children in Need 7
Raising money for Children in Need 8
Raising money for Children in Need 9
Raising money for Children in Need 10
Raising money for Children in Need 11
Raising money for Children in Need 12
Raising money for Children in Need 13
Raising money for Children in Need 14
Raising money for Children in Need 15
Raising money for Children in Need 16
Raising money for Children in Need 17
Raising money for Children in Need 18
Raising money for Children in Need 19
Raising money for Children in Need 20
Raising money for Children in Need 21
Raising money for Children in Need 22
Raising money for Children in Need 23

Week ending Friday 6th November 2015

We’ve enjoyed catching up with each other again after the Half Term break and sharing our news. We had a well-deserved rest and have hit the ground running this week, tackling many new Year 6 concepts.


In maths we’ve got stuck into fractions. We have found equivalent fractions and have also practised simplifying fractions. We moved on to ordering fractions when the denominator (bottom number!) is different in each fraction and we were very impressed with the progress all children made.


We’ve had a big push on grammar skills in English and tested our new found knowledge in a practice  punctuation and grammar SATs test. Although we still have lots to learn, we were pleased with the effort the children put into this.


In IPC we have extended our knowledge of the Benin Empire from the time of AD900. We imagined ourselves as explorers to Benin City and wrote a letter home explaining all the different sights and sounds we discovered. Below you will also see some of the masks we have made which were inspired by this interesting civilisation.


Just a reminder that next Thursday, Year 6 will be having their own special fundraising day for Children in Need. Please see the attached year group letter for further information.


Edo-inspired masks

Edo-inspired masks 1
Edo-inspired masks 2
Edo-inspired masks 3
Edo-inspired masks 4
Edo-inspired masks 5
Edo-inspired masks 6
Edo-inspired masks 7
Edo-inspired masks 8
Edo-inspired masks 9
Edo-inspired masks 10
Edo-inspired masks 11
Edo-inspired masks 12
Edo-inspired masks 13
Edo-inspired masks 14
Edo-inspired masks 15
Edo-inspired masks 16
Edo-inspired masks 17
Edo-inspired masks 18
Edo-inspired masks 19
Edo-inspired masks 20
Edo-inspired masks 21
Edo-inspired masks 22
Edo-inspired masks 23
Edo-inspired masks 24
Edo-inspired masks 25

Week ending Friday 2nd October 2015

Those of us not on the residential trip to Llanrug have got involved in a whole host of activities at school this week and have also spent time coaching and supporting some of the younger pupils at Peterbrook.


We watched Oliver Twist on Monday which we all loved. We then built upon our knowledge of the story through small group drama activities where we tackled scenes and performed them to others. We also created character portraits and wrote our own film reviews. We think it’s fair to say we would all recommend the film to other pupils of a similar age.


We also enjoyed reading Julia Donaldson’s The Highway Rat and spotted the similarities between this book and the narrative poem we have been exploring in class. We created our own cartoon pictures of scenes from the story. In PE we had a competitive and exciting game of kick rounders and also played ‘Rock, paper, scissors’ using our whole bodies instead of our hands. This involved a lot of running about and we were all exhausted afterwards!


On Friday morning we worked in teams and played a selection of board games, perfecting our winning strategies!


Well done Year 6, you’ve embraced a very different week at school and have also been a great support to other pupils within the school.


We’ll be back to normal next week and are all looking forward to seeing our other friends again.

Oliver Twist, The Highway Rat and board games - a fun week!

Oliver Twist, The Highway Rat and board games - a fun week! 1
Oliver Twist, The Highway Rat and board games - a fun week! 2
Oliver Twist, The Highway Rat and board games - a fun week! 3
Oliver Twist, The Highway Rat and board games - a fun week! 4
Oliver Twist, The Highway Rat and board games - a fun week! 5
Oliver Twist, The Highway Rat and board games - a fun week! 6

Week ending Friday 25th September 2015

We have come to the end of another busy week in Year 6 and lots of us have now gone home for the weekend to pack ready for the residential trip to Llanrug next week. We hope all the children who are going on the trip have an amazing time! For all those children staying in school next week, we have lots of lovely activities planned.


In English this week we have continued our exploration of The Highwayman. We turned into detectives and were presented with a range of clues which we used to try to work out the plot of the narrative poem.


In maths we have worked on the rules of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division and then stretched ourselves solving problems using these methods.


The afternoons have been good fun. We really enjoyed PE where we learned the rules of Throw Tennis. We are looking forward to playing this again later on in the term. We have continued to explore the Mayan Empire in IPC and used the laptops to investigate different Mayan city states. We were intrigued to find out that most city states had a pyramid, temple, ball court and plaza within the city walls.


Have a wonderful weekend!

Week ending 18th September 2015

We have just come to the end of our second week in Year 6 and it has been a busy one!


On Monday we held elections in Key Stage Two for our new Year 6 House Captains. Well done to all pupils who were brave enough to stand up in the hall and present to the other children. Congratulations to the following children from 6CH who have been appointed House Captain for their house for this academic year: Holly, Harrison, Charlotte, Brandon, Leon, Hayden and Lucas.


English lessons have been intruiging this week. Mrs Hurd and Mrs Carey have given the children lots of clues about a narrative poem we are going to be exploring soon - The Highwayman. We all have lots of different ideas as to what the poem might be about and can't wait for it to be revealed next week! We have written some great descriptive work about the protagonist and most of us have concluded that The Highwayman is probably not going to be a very likeable man!


In Maths we have taken our learning about large numbers further this week and have carried out some investigations which have encouraged us to estimate. We have got as far as estimating how many blades of grass there might be on the school field!


We have got to know each other further through our RE / PSHE work - we all considered three objects that are really important to us and explained why they are so important. Well done 6CH for being brave enough to share your thoughts and feelings about items that are so special to you.


Week ending 11th September 2015

After a whole seven weeks of holiday time, our new Year 6 pupils returned to school on Monday. Mrs Hurd and Mrs Carey have really enjoyed working with the children this week and feel they already know them quite well!


We got stuck into our Maths and English lessons straight away at the start of the week. In Maths we have been looking at VERY large numbers and by the end of the week, many of us were able to round numbers which were into their hundred millions - very impressive work 6CH! In English we have been inspired by pictures of imaginative settings and have planned and written a story around a chosen theme. We have also been revising word classes and are pretty confident spotting nouns, adjectives, adverbs and verbs. Some of us also identified prepositions and pronouns. This confident start is a great sign for the year ahead.


In the afternoons we have undertaken Art work, we have used atlases to enhance our geographical skills and most exciting - Professor McGinty, a history expert, came to visit us on Tuesday afternoon. He brought World War 2 to life through drama, story telling, exploration of artefacts and a great deal of humour!


Well done 6CH - a really positive start to Year 6 life!

Rounding very large numbers

Rounding very large numbers 1
Rounding very large numbers 2
Rounding very large numbers 3
Rounding very large numbers 4
Rounding very large numbers 5

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