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Friday 18th May 2018

Congratulations Year 6 - you have finished your SATs! We have all been so impressed with how you have coped with the week, approaching each test with positivity and a 'can do' attitude. We believe you all tried your very best this week so a huge well done to you all.


It has been wonderful to celebrate all our hard work with our Royal Wedding festivities today. We had great fun taking photos of some of our Year 6 pupils with our cardboard cutouts of Harry and Meghan - see the photos below! We also had an amazing half hour on the inflatable assault course the PTFA had kindly organised for us (some of the adults had just as much fun as the children!). Lunch time was fantastic - we held a street party on the playground amongst the gazebos, bunting and in full sunshine. What a perfect end to the week!


Have a much deserved weekend off work Year 6!


Our official wedding pictures!

Our official wedding pictures! 1
Our official wedding pictures! 2
Our official wedding pictures! 3
Our official wedding pictures! 4
Our official wedding pictures! 5
Our official wedding pictures! 6
Our official wedding pictures! 7

Inflatable assault course

Inflatable assault course 1
Inflatable assault course 2
Inflatable assault course 3
Inflatable assault course 4
Inflatable assault course 5
Inflatable assault course 6
Inflatable assault course 7
Inflatable assault course 8
Inflatable assault course 9
Inflatable assault course 10

Thursday 8th March

We thought we'd do a bit of a photo update to show some of the events and activities 6CH has been involved in recently. The collection of photos below capture some of the excitement surrounding our history (WW2) visit from Professor McGinty, the survival boxes we prepared and brought in to support our English poetry work on Antarctica and the fantastic costumes many of the children produced to celebrate World Book Day. Well done for so much enthusiasm 6CH!

Professor McGinty WW2 visit

Professor McGinty WW2 visit 1
Professor McGinty WW2 visit 2
Professor McGinty WW2 visit 3
Professor McGinty WW2 visit 4
Professor McGinty WW2 visit 5
Professor McGinty WW2 visit 6
Professor McGinty WW2 visit 7
Professor McGinty WW2 visit 8
Professor McGinty WW2 visit 9
Professor McGinty WW2 visit 10
Professor McGinty WW2 visit 11
Professor McGinty WW2 visit 12
Professor McGinty WW2 visit 13
Professor McGinty WW2 visit 14
Professor McGinty WW2 visit 15

Our 'Magic' Antarctic boxes

Our 'Magic' Antarctic boxes 1
Our 'Magic' Antarctic boxes 2
Our 'Magic' Antarctic boxes 3
Our 'Magic' Antarctic boxes 4
Our 'Magic' Antarctic boxes 5
Our 'Magic' Antarctic boxes 6
Our 'Magic' Antarctic boxes 7
Our 'Magic' Antarctic boxes 8

World Book Day 2018

World Book Day 2018 1
World Book Day 2018 2
World Book Day 2018 3
World Book Day 2018 4
World Book Day 2018 5
World Book Day 2018 6
World Book Day 2018 7
World Book Day 2018 8
World Book Day 2018 9
World Book Day 2018 10
World Book Day 2018 11
World Book Day 2018 12
World Book Day 2018 13
World Book Day 2018 14
World Book Day 2018 15
World Book Day 2018 16
World Book Day 2018 17
World Book Day 2018 18
World Book Day 2018 19
World Book Day 2018 20
World Book Day 2018 21
World Book Day 2018 22
World Book Day 2018 23
World Book Day 2018 24

Friday 2nd February

It's been a really varied week in Year 6 this week with a few changes to the usual timetable.


We had a fun-filled and informative visit from the history expert, 'Professor McGinty' on Monday morning. He rounded up our World War Two topic perfectly with drama, stories and a range of fascinating artefacts to look at. Look out for photos of the visit on the Year 6 page very shortly. We all laughed a lot and learned plenty through his visit!


On Thursday afternoon, 22 members of Year 6 represented the school at a Solihull athletics competition. The pupils participated enthusiastically and were a real credit to the school tackling a range of athletics disciplines.


Today was National Number Day. Classes were mixed up to carry out a fun and challenging Maths quiz. 6CH really enjoyed teaming up with 2W and we were so proud of the support the older children gave to our younger pupils. Congratulations to all children on the 'Circles' team for their win!



Friday 12th January

We've had a wonderful 'Evacuee day' in Year 6 where we have spent time considering the role of British children and families in World War Two. Our pupils dressed up brilliantly as evacuees and got thoroughly involved in all our activities. The photos below show the brilliant effort 6CH put into their costumes - dressing up certainly inspired their writing and discussions throughout the day. A huge thank you to Lauren and Tallulah for bringing in video recordings and gas masks from family members to further our learning. They were very precious and inspiring items.

Evacuee day

Evacuee day 1
Evacuee day 2
Evacuee day 3
Evacuee day 4
Evacuee day 5
Evacuee day 6
Evacuee day 7
Evacuee day 8
Evacuee day 9
Evacuee day 10
Evacuee day 11
Evacuee day 12
Evacuee day 13
Evacuee day 14
Evacuee day 15
Evacuee day 16
Evacuee day 17
Evacuee day 18
Evacuee day 19
Evacuee day 20
Evacuee day 21
Evacuee day 22
Evacuee day 23
Evacuee day 24
Evacuee day 25
Evacuee day 26
Evacuee day 27
Evacuee day 28
Evacuee day 29
Evacuee day 30
Evacuee day 31
Evacuee day 32
Evacuee day 33
Evacuee day 34
Evacuee day 35

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Friday 17th November

Today is Children in Need. Thank you to all pupils for your donations of money and cakes. We have had a fun day playing games, eating cakes and watching a film. Our pupils have worked so hard this term, it feels like the right time to give them a bit of a break from normal lessons and raise money for such a good cause. Please see the separate section in Year 6 to see some photos from the morning.

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