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3E Summer

Week Ending: 18th May 2018


This week we have had fun making bug hotels in science and celebrating the Royal wedding!

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Week Ending: 11th May 2018


In Science we have learned about the life cycle of a plant and we have finished our investigation on whether seeds need space to grow.  We found this to be the case we found that the ones with loads in either didn’t grow or died quickly from not getting enough nutrients.


In PSHE we learned about things that are safe and unsafe.  There was a lot of discussion about computer safety here, in particular about playing the game Fortnite when it is for children aged 12 or above and we discussed why it was a 12.  It became apparent that a lot of them are talking to strangers online, one child saying she had 200 friends.  This maybe something you want to discuss at home.  I did reinforce that they shouldn’t give any personal information out or arrange to meet anyone.  We also talked about dangers found in the kitchen and bathroom and they created a safety label offering tips on how to stay safe in different situations.

Week ending: 25th April 2018


In computing we continued our topic on programming. We looked at programming the probot to make a square and a rectangle.


In Science, we looked at our plants and made our first observations.  We also looked at the difference between fibrous roots and tap roots and talked about how water travels through a plant.


In Art, we created a sunflower painting using different textures – sand and paint, glue and paint, water and paint and paint on its own.  The children were really proud of their paintings.


In PSHE we looked at friendships and identified and put into practice some of the skills of friendship and learned how to negotiate in a conflict situation to try and find a win-win solution.

Week ending: 17th April 2018


In computing we have started our new topic on programming. We have learned that all computers need to be given a set of codes or instructions to make it work.  They have had great fun programming a probot and trying to get it through an obstacle course.


In P.E. we have been given a really exciting opportunity to learn how to play golf.  For 3 weeks they will get golf training by an outside teacher and then Miss Allen will teach them for 3 weeks.  At the end they will hopefully be going to a golf tournament and competing against other schools! Watch this space!


In Science, we have started our new topic on plants.  We have started our investigation on whether seeds need space to grow.  We decided to put just one or two seeds in one pot and loads in the other pot.  We will now wait to see how many in each pot grow and how healthy they are.  We also looked at the different parts of a plant and what their function is.


In PSHE, we have looked at the responsibilities of each member of our families and reflected on the expectations for males and females.  This is part of our new topic on relationships.

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