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3E Spring

Week Ending: 12th January 2018


In Science we have started a new topic called Forces and Magnets.  We have looked at what a force is and have used a Newton meter to measure how much force it takes to pull up a zip, drag an object along a table and pick up an object.  We learned that a force can change an objects shape or direction.  We then learned what friction was and completed an investigation to find out which surface allowed an object to slide most easily.  They did a fantastic job with this!


In Computing we have started a new topic on learning how technology is used in the work place.  We watched videos on how computers (robots) are used to perform surgery and dispose of bombs.


In Music we have started a new unit of work on reggae and in French we have started learning about what you can find in a house.

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Happy New Year everyone! 

I will start updating this page next week!

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