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Week Ending: 7th April 2017


I’m sorry for not updating the page last week, it has been a crazy couple of weeks with parents evening!  Thank you for those who attended, it was lovely to celebrate your children’s achievements with you!


English – we have continued our topic on Roald Dahl and have read George’s marvellous medicine and have written our own instructions for our own medicines!  We then started reading The Twit’s and have created wonderful metaphors on strawberry laces and a boiled egg!  We have been learning about plurals in phonics and this is what the English homework is based on.


Maths – we have been learning about time.  This has been a huge headache and the children are finding it very hard.  We have been reading the time to the exact minute i.e. 26 minutes past 3 or 13 minutes to 5.  I have uploaded the powerpoints that I have used in case you want to practise at home.  The homework is based on this.  I am happy for them to choose whether they write it in words or digitally.  Whichever you choose, make sure they are careful when reading times to the hour!  Good luck!


Science- we have now finished our topic on rocks.  We looked at soil and what it was made of an d about how fossils are made.


Green Day – we have learned a lot about water today as Tracey from Severn Trent Water came in to deliver workshops to the children. They have brought a lot of things home about it.  The booklets are theirs to do if they choose – there is no expectation to hand them in.


We are having trouble getting homework in at the moment.  I have told them that it is their responsibility to make sure it is handed in but I would really appreciate it if you could give them a reminder on Tuesday night to make sure it is done and handed out.  Also, a lot of the time, the blue reading record diaries are not being filled in.  Please sign their books to say that your child has read the book at home.


All that is left for me to say is have a fantastic Easter and break, the children really deserve it!  I will see you after Easter for our final term in year 3E wink

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Week Ending: 24th March 2017


This is what we have been learning about this week:


In English, we have started our author study on Roald Dahl.  The children researched him using the ipads and found out lots of information about his early life, the books he has written and other interesting facts.  We then started reading George's Marvellous Medicine and looked at the characters and described their behaviour, appearance and likes and dislikes.  Phonics this week was looking at the sound -ture and -sure.  This is what the homework is based on.


In Maths, we have looked at angles and have investigated whether angles are bigger, smaller or the same as a right angle and looked at the names.  This is what their homework is based on and there are instructions on the sheet so the children should be able to do this well. The children used a right angle checker to do this and I am happy for them to use one at home.  Below is an example of one.



In Science, we have learned what the different rocks are: metamorphic, sedimentary and igneous.  They found this very difficult but did a brilliant piece of writing on it!


Just a reminder that it is the Mother's Day Sale and Red Nose day tomorrow.





Week Ending: 17th March 2017


This week:-


In English, we have written our second story about a boy who lost his dog and found him in a railway tunnel. I am really trying hard to encourage them to use more adventurous vocabulary in their writing and to think about fronted adverbials, conjunctions and using inverted commas correctly. We have also written instructions for how to make bird cakes. In phonics, we have continued to learn about suffixes and this is what the homework is about this week.


In Maths, we have been learning about 3D shapes and have looked at the names and properties of them by making them out of card and labelling them. This is what the homework is based on. If they are finding this difficult, try using 3D shapes from around the house so that they can count the vertices (corners), edges and faces. Finally, we looked at turns and how two right angle turns is 1/2, 3 right angle turns is ¾ and 1 right angle turn is ¼.


In Science, we started our new unit of work on ‘Rocks’ and looked at how we can describe rocks, sort rocks and classify them. The children had a surprising amount of fun with this!

We have had a fabulous day today during the science fair. We have made silly putty which you probably know about as they have bought it home (sorry!!) and they found this fascinating, especially watching the reaction take place. We also went outside and made a chemical reaction using coke and mentos – it was very explosive! A big thank you to all of you who helped your children with their projects – they are absolutely amazing and the children did a fantastic job presenting them!


Just a reminder that it is the mother’s day sale next week and Comic Relief, both on 24th March.  For mother's day, they can bring up to £5 and for comic relief, they can wear non uniform in return for a £1 donation.


See below for photos from this week!

3D shape making!

3D shape making! 1
3D shape making! 2
3D shape making! 3
3D shape making! 4
3D shape making! 5

Fun with Rocks!

Fun with Rocks! 1
Fun with Rocks! 2
Fun with Rocks! 3
Fun with Rocks! 4
Fun with Rocks! 5
Fun with Rocks! 6
Fun with Rocks! 7
Fun with Rocks! 8
Fun with Rocks! 9

Science Day!

Science Day! 1
Science Day! 2
Science Day! 3
Science Day! 4
Science Day! 5
Science Day! 6
Science Day! 7
Science Day! 8
Science Day! 9
Science Day! 10
Science Day! 11
Science Day! 12
Science Day! 13
Science Day! 14
Science Day! 15
Science Day! 16
Science Day! 17
Science Day! 18
Science Day! 19
Science Day! 20
Science Day! 21
Science Day! 22
Science Day! 23
Science Day! 24
Science Day! 25
Science Day! 26
Science Day! 27
Science Day! 28
Science Day! 29
Science Day! 30
Science Day! 31


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Still image for this video


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Week Ending: 10th March 2017


First of all apologies - I have just come home and realised I left the photos on my work laptop so there will be photos of our real maths day and other bits and pieces on Monday! I am as bad as the kids for forgetting to bring things home!


English - we are being journalists at the moment and writing 2 stories, 1 about a girl who found a bird with a broken wing and the other about a boy who has a dog called Maxi who gets lost and they find him in an old railway station.  It is gripping stuff - watch out for the film! They are doing really well and trying very hard to remember things like fronted adverbials and conjunctions.  In phonics, we have looked at the comparatives: est and er.  This is what their homework is based on.  Be careful with some of the words where there is a need to double the consonant.


Maths - we have focused on division this week and learning about the formal written method also known as the 'bus stop' method. Please see the route through calculation on the front page of year 3 to show you how we do it.  Please be aware, however, that we are not learning about remainders until the summer term.  I have been exceptionally pleased with them with this as it is not easy and they have been able to reason with these numbers as well.  The homework is all about seeing the relationships between multiplication and division and realising that they are interlinked.  If they are struggling, remind them that with multiplication, the big number goes at the end and with division, it goes at the start.


Computing - we have been debugging this week!  They have been learning how to program the probot to make a rectangle.  They have had to do this with trial and error as they had to rectify their mistakes.


French - we have started our topic on Les Animaux and even had a go at singing old macdonald had a farm in French.  This was not wonderfully successful!


Science - we have completed 2 investigations this week.  One on which material would be better for curtains and found out that the material needed to be opaque.  The second one was of shadows and what happens to a shadow if a light source is moved closer to the object.


Apologies for group 2 not getting a new book this week.  Unfortunately my meetings over ran this morning so we were unable to do guided reading.  Please be assured that this is a one off!


Just to note that there will be no spelling test on Monday as we will be testing them on the full 56 words.  We will test them on this weeks spellings the week after next.


Real Maths Day

Real Maths Day 1
Real Maths Day 2
Real Maths Day 3
Real Maths Day 4
Real Maths Day 5
Real Maths Day 6
Real Maths Day 7
Real Maths Day 8


Division 1
Division 2
Division 3
Division 4
Division 5
Division 6
Division 7
Division 8
Division 9
Division 10
Division 11
Division 12
Division 13
Division 14
Division 15
Division 16

Our new Jigsaw Song!

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Week Ending: 3rd March 2017


This week:-


In English, we have completed some work on fronted adverbials. I have put on here the powerpoint I used with the children. This will hopefully prepare them for their story writing in the coming weeks. We have also looked at plurals. This is what the homework is based on and should be self-explanatory.

Maths, we have completed work on multiplication using the formal written method. I have taught them how to do this using the expanded method. This is what their homework is about and there are instructions for how to do this on the front sheet of paper. There is also a good video you can watch: but only watch the first minute as we do not do 3 digits by 1 digit yet! Hopefully with this video and the intructions on the sheet, they will get this! If you do it this weekend, it will hopefully be fresh in their heads! The children will probably find this hard but unfortunately this is a skill they have to know by the end of year 3.


In Science, we have started our topic on ‘Light’ and have looked at the difference between an object that produces light and an object that reflect light. They have used the black boxes to test out materials.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

In Computing, we have started our topic on coding and have used the probots to program instructions. They have had great fun with this!

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

On Thursday, it was World Book Day! Thank you so much for helping the children with their wonderful costumes! They looked truly amazing and had a fabulous day as you can see from this picture.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Here is the poem sheet I sent you before half term just in case you need it!

Week Ending: 17th February 2017


This is what we have done on our last week of this half term!


English – We have started our new topic on ‘Fur and feathers’.  We have done some work on conjunctions, looking at: when, if, because and although.  We have researched animals that live in Antarctica or Africa and have written our first draft of a non chronological report and edited it!


Maths – This week we have been learning about capacity.  We have added capacities together to make specific amounts, subtracted capacities and finally, read scales.


Science – We have now finished our topic on ‘Animals and Skeletons’ and have made our own skeletons and labelled the bones.  We then looked at muscles  in terms of what they do and how they work.


Computing – we learned about bits, bytes, megabytes, gigabytes, terabytes and petabytes!  This did not give me a headache at all!


Homework Help!


Maths – To go with the work we have done on capacity, there is an addition and subtraction sheet.

Question 1a and b – They have to identify how much liquid is in the jugs and then add 200ml to it. 

Question 2a and b – They have to work out how much liquid is in the jug and then take that away from 800ml as they are finding the difference.

Question 3a and b – They have to identify how much is in the jug, then subtract 300ml.

Make sure they look at what the scales are going up in!

1a, 2a and 3a - intervals of 50       1b, 2b and 3b -  intervals of 100


English – Should be self-explanatory.  Make sure they read the instructions about the rules carefully.  There is also a poem sheet to learn as well


Things to keep on top of: spellings, times tables and reading.  They are not doing well at all at times tables and spellings.  Please make sure these are learned at home!


Date for your  diary: 2nd March is World Book day!  Get your costumes ready!


Finally, just to say that I am really proud of the children for all that they  have achieved this half term, it has been very long and they have coped brilliantly!  It is hard to believe that we are half way through the year now!  Have a great half term!



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Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5

Week Ending: 9th February 2017


We have had a fun packed week this week!


On Tuesday, it was internet safety day and we had a good discussion on the importance of keeping ourselves safe online.  We discussed not giving out personal information to strangers and that people we spoke to may not be who they say they are. There were a few who told me that they do chat to people online and I explained to them that they needed to be careful.


On Tuesday afternoon, we looked at the importance of being ‘food smart’ and making sure that they don’t have an excessive amount of sugar.  I reinforced the need to have a balanced diet and that some sugar is okay and that we just need to make some better choices.  This is part of the ‘Change4life’ organisation.  There will be a pack being sent out at some point in the next few weeks.


Also on Tuesday, we pretended we were refugees and we wrote about what it was like to be a refugee.  Their work was truly stunning and they really grasped the emotion of it all. I was super proud of them!


In English, we have looked at possessive apostrophes.  The children do find this quite tricky.  See the powerpoint for more information about what they are and the various rules that go with it.  This should help you with this week’s homework.  See how I used an apostrophe- the homework belongs to the week! Ha!  We have also learned what it is to perform a poem well and looked at some fantastic examples by Michael Rosen.  They then had a go themselves and did a fantastic job as you will see below!

Video 5.mp4

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Video 4.mp4

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Video 3.mp4

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Video 2.mp4

Still image for this video

Video 1.mp4

Still image for this video

In Maths, we have been finishing our work on length and moved onto weight.  They weighed a selection of objects using a set of scales.  They found this quite difficult as the scales went up in 25s but they did it!  The homework is all about reading scales – thankfully not in 25s!

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4

In Science, we have had amazing fun dissecting owl pellets!  They found out that owls eat voles, moles and starlings.  They found the bones and matched them to the bones on the bone chart.  They are really enjoying science this year and I think we have some budding scientists out there!

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8
Picture 9
Picture 10
Picture 11
Picture 12
Picture 13
Picture 14
Picture 15
Picture 16
Picture 17
Picture 18

Week Ending: 3rd February 2017


In English we have been learning about riddles and have had great fun!  They have understood the features and have successfully written their own.  They seem to be really enjoying this unit.  As homework, I have given them two sheets: one about adjectives and one about conjunctions.  Obviously, if they can do both then that is brilliant, but if there is only time to do 1, please do the one on conjunctions!


In Maths, we have had a tough week.  The children have been learning about adding and subtracting 1, 10, 100 to a number and have also tried to find the missing number.  They have found this very difficult as they seem to be struggling with basic calculations, for example, 27+4.  They are making careless mistakes when crossing the boundaries i.e. knowing that the answer will be in the 30s.  They are also struggling with place value and knowing where the numbers fit in.  For homework I have given a missing number activity and there are instructions to help at the top.  Please focus on what is happening to the digits when going down, up, left and right!


In Science, we have continued our topic on 'Animals and Skeletons' and have learned that foods can be grouped according to whether they are carbohydrates, protein, fats and sugars etc.  They have then created their own healthy plate.  This was a really valuble activity as they saw that 'fats and sugars' had the smallest part of the plate.


In computing, we looked at bits and binary codes!  Very complicated and technical I know! They have got a reasonable understanding of this now.  We also looked at how we can search for a document on the computer and what the icons mean i.e. a blue 'w' for word, a red 'p' for powerpoint.


In PSHE, we looked at refugees and the journey they have.  It was very hard hitting and looked at how difficult their lives are and challenged the way they are portrayed in the media.  Hopefully, they understand that we need to help and support them.


Next week is internet safety day which I think is very appropriate at the moment.  Please be aware that if your child is playing on 'Roblox', there are a lot of problems with children trying to be groomed.  Please be aware that there are online chats and that paedophiles are using it to talk to children.



Week Ending 26th January 2017


In English we have been learning about Kenning poems.  We have had great fun with using nouns and verbs to create one!  Have a look at the powerpoint if you want to see what they are, or even better, ask your child!  In phonics, we learned about the prefix ‘in’ and ‘mis’ and this is what their homework is based on.  They have to read the word, for example ‘able’ and decide if it fits the prefix un as in unable, mis as in misable or dis as in disable.  In this case, they would write able under un and dis!  I hope this helps and hasn’t left you even more confused!


In Maths, we have been learning about adding and subtracting using the formal written method using the dienes and recording it on paper.  This is what the homework is based on and you can find posters to help you at the bottom of this week’s section.  If you follow this step by step, the children will be able to do it – they certainly were able to do this in class.


In Science, we have started our new topic on ‘Animals and Skeletons’.  Please see the curriculum overview on the main year 3 page to find out what we will be learning.  We used the ipads to research what various animals ate and whether they were omnivores, herbivores or carnivores.


In Design and Technology, we finished our topic on ‘Forces and Magnets’ by designing a product that used magnets.  The children did really well with this and evaluated each other’s work.


Maths Homework Help!
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Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8
Picture 9
Picture 10

Week Ending: 20th January 2017


English – we have continued our work on poetry and have been learning about the poetic technique of alliteration.  This is where 2 or more words start with the same sound.  For example six slithering, super, slimy snakes.  The children have used these to write tongue twisters and have written acrostic poems using them.  Alliteration is what the homework is based on alliteration and the prefix un and dis.


Maths – this week we have counted in 50s and 100s from 0, estimated where numbers go on a numberline and finally we have calculated 10/100 more and 10/100 less.  The homework is based on estimating where a number goes on a numberline.


Science – this week, we have finished our magnet topic and have investigated which magnets have the greatest strength and have written facts about magnets which they have bought home to stivk on their fridge!


Computing – this week we have looked at files on a computer.  We all created a new folder and saved a painting we drew in there.

Week Ending: 13th January 2017


This is what we have been learning about this week:-


In English, we have been continuing our work on poetry and looking at similes and how they can be used to write a poem.  The children have described a monster using similes; they have created a calligram (a shape poem) on a bubble and finally, have written a calligram about the weather, again using similes.  We have also really focussed on using really good adjectives and making our work a lot better.  We have tried to avoid using words such as ‘big’ or ‘nice’.  The children have done remarkably well with this.  The challenge is to keep it up! 


The homework for English this week is to do with homophones which we learned about during phonics.  This is where two words sound the same but have different meanings.  For example: blew and blue, whether and weather, ate and eight etc.


In Maths, we have continued our work on shape.  We have identified parallel and perpendicular lines in shapes.  If you are not sure what these are, see the powerpoint below – this is what the homework is based on.   We have also looked at making turns using right angles and have recognised 1 right angle turn to be a quarter turn.  To end the week and our shape topic, we have learned about perimeter.

In Science, we have started our unit on magnets.  We have done lots of investigations with magnets to identify the properties.  They were performing magic when they moved a paperclip without touching it!  They later learned that it was not magic but the force of the magnet!  They have learned the words: repel, attract, poles, magnetic, non-magnetic and have investigated which materials attract.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5


Still image for this video

In PSHE, we have continued our new topic on ‘Dreams and Goals’ and have thought about our dreams for the future.


Finally, we did some Bhangra dancing and had amazing fun!  See the main year 3 page for videos and photos!

Week Ending: 6th January 2017


Welcome back!  We have had a really busy week despite only being back for 3 days!


In English, we have started our new topic on Poetry.  The children have had great fun watching Michael Rosen perform his poems and have been inspired by his silliness!  They have written their own poems with rhyming couplets and some of the children had the challenge of using 11 syllables per line.  Oliver said it was the hardest piece of work he has ever done!  They have done really well!  We also looked at using ‘a’ and ‘an’ before a word – this is a big objective in year 3 and this is what the homework is based on.


In Maths, we have been looking at shape and angles. I have taught them that an angle occurs where two lines meet.  We have looked at the different angles also – there is a powerpoint underneath to help you with them and they loved this song: We looked at what a right angle is and angles that are greater and less than a right angle.  The children had great difficulty with this.  They used a post-it note as a right angle checker to see if the angle was bigger than it or smaller than it.  I told them that the post-it note was a new piece of expensive technology!  Surprisingly they didn’t believe it!  The homework is based on identifying a right angle.  They can use a checker to help them.  If anyone wants an extra challenge, they can label the acute and obtuse angles as well!


In Science, we have had great fun on our new topic about friction.  We played with playdough to see what we could do with it and established that we could push, pull or twist it.  We then talked about how this was called a force.  Next we looked at what force is measured in and used a newton meter to measure the force of zipping up a coat, picking up an object etc.  The following day, we looked at the force of friction and completed an experiment to see which surface had the most friction.  Again, the children did brilliantly!


In PSHE, we have started our topic on ‘Dreams and Goals’.  Today we looked at photos and videos of people who face challenges every day.  It was interesting hearing their discussions on why certain people face challenges.  We looked at some quite difficult topics, for example, children who were very ill, people with disabilities and I was really proud of the maturity the children showed.


Note for next week:-

We will be handing out new times table facts next week so please make sure the books are in so the little sheets do not get lost.  A lot of their New Year’s resolutions involved times tables so it would be good for us all to help them achieve this.


A little favour from me.  Please could you make sure homework is handed in on a Wednesday?  The children really get upset when they haven’t completed it or have left it at home.  If it helps, in my house, we always do homework on a Friday night and then the folders go straight back in their bags.  Then I know they will not forget anything.  This goes for reading books as well. Thank you for your assistance with this, I know home life is very chaotic (or is that just mine?!) so I appreciate your support.

Some photos from this week ...

Some photos from this week ... 1 Science fun!
Some photos from this week ... 2 Science fun!
Some photos from this week ... 3 Science fun!
Some photos from this week ... 4 Science fun!
Some photos from this week ... 5 Right angle detectives!
Some photos from this week ... 6 Right angle detectives!
Some photos from this week ... 7 Right angle detectives!
Some photos from this week ... 8 Right angle detectives!
Some photos from this week ... 9 Right angle detectives!

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