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Week ending 11th May 2018


This week in Science we have continued to learn more about plants and in particular we looked at seed dispersal. We discussed the need for plants to spread their seeds away from densely populated areas to ensure they can grow strong and healthy. It was really interesting to learn the different ways that plants do this e.g. through animals, water, explosions and through wind. Can you think of an example for each of these? Which was the most interesting? Which do you think is the most effective and why?

Week ending 4th May 2018


This week in PSHE we discussed Fairtrade. Firstly, we were able to try some Fairtrade chocolate and look at other products that are available with the Fairtrade logo. We then discussed what Fairtrade meant and discussed in more detail what effects buying Fairtrade items had on our own lives and on other peoples. It was particularly interesting learning where the raw ingredients to each of our favourite meals and snacks originally came from. Follow the link to learn more 

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Week ending 27th April 2018


This week in Science we have been learning about Microhabitats. 

"A microhabitat is a very small, specialized habitat, such as a clump of grass or a space between rocks.

It is a habitat for extremely small creatures such as woodlice."

We went out into the school grounds to see what different habitats we could find along with the creatures that lived in them. We found that many of the creatures were suited to that environment for one reason or another and were able to identify why. All of the information we gained we then used to influence our Design and Technology task, in which we worked together to create 3A's very own bug hotel. 

Week ending 20th April 2018


This week in PE we had a professional golfer join us to begin to teach us some key golf skills. Later in the term, we will be putting all these newly learned skills to the test when we take part in the local authority Tri Golf Tournament at Tudor Grange park. Everyone had alot of fun and showed real skill and potential!

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Welcome back!

I hope you have had a lovely Easter break and are keen to get back to all our super exciting topics and lessons for the Summer Term :) 

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