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Week ending 22nd September 2017


We have continued to explore the concept of light, this week looking more closely at how we see. We discussed what an optician was and even carried out a simple eye test on each other. We then planned and carried out our second investigation looking at which material would be best to make a curtain. We discussed the vocabulary; transparent, translucent and opaque and graded each of our materials according to these. We found the felt was the best material as it kept the most light out and concluded this was due to the dark colour and thickness of the material.

Week ending 15th September 2017


This week we have started to explore our first Science topic 'Light'. We began by identifying light sources and discussed the difference between these and light reflectors. These discussions formed the basis for our first investigation using the black boxes. We used torches to investigate which material could be seen best in low light. From this we were able to design an outfit using the most suitable materials to keep us safe at night. 

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Week ending 8th September 2017


We have had a lovely first few days in our new class! In particular, we have been taking the opportunity to learn more about the Year 3 rules and routines and are feeling settled already. Our first PSHE lesson encouraged us to share our past achievements and start to set new goals to work towards.


                                                             Meet Jino our Year 3 puzzle friend               

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