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Week Beginning 22nd June 2015


We had a fantastic time today completing our sponsored obstacle course for the NSPCC. We had 10 minutes to go around the course as many times as we could. It was hard work but so much fun! Remember to collect all your sponsor money and send it into school as soon as possible.








Week Beginning 15th June 2015


We have had so much fun  today celebrating Green Day. Everyone looked fabulous dressed in their green outfits and we have learnt lots of interesting things about electricity. We have learnt which objects use electricity and how we can save energy around school and home. Here are just some of the activites we completed today.





Week Beginning 8th June 2015


This week the children have thoroughly enjoyed learning about lots of different artists from the 20th Century. We have created mobiles and artwork in the style of Henri Matisse, using abstract shapes and a variety of colours. After listening to a piece of classical music titled 'The Firebird Suite' we created our own Firebird pictures using a range of materials and techniques. In addtion, we used thee laptops to create our own Pop Art pictures, in the style of Andy Warhol. The children particuarlly enjoyed attending a whole class workshop, in which they made a large felt mural.




Week beginning 18th May 2015


This week we have recieved the pupil's miniature garden exhibits, created as part of our latest IPC topic 'Our World'. The pupils were set the task to create a model garden at home, which was inspired by the world around them. The results of the task have been truly amazing. It is clear how much time and effort has been put into making each of the models and we would like to say a huge thank you to all those who helped to make them. Please note, the classroom will be open for 30 minutes (after school) on Thursday 21st May for anyone who would like to come and see the models on display.





















Week beginning 11th May 2015



This week we have continued to explore 'Our World' in our lastest IPC topic. This week we went on a sound walk to see what different sounds we could hear around school. We found that by the road it was very noisy as we could here lots of traffic. On the field we heard trees rustling, birds tweeting and children playing. Back in the classroom we used the instruments to try and recreate some of the sounds we had heard.





Week Beginning 4th May 2015


Although this has only been a short week the pupils have continued to work hard. On Friday pupils took part in Solihull BID's Jazz Festival Parade workshop. Pupils were given the unique opportunity to make their own super hero costumes The results were truly outstanding and the children had a fantastic time. 1A would like to say a big thank you to the adults who came in to run the workshop. Look out for our costumes as we will be wearing them later this term for the Dance Festival!







Week beginning 27th April 2015


This week we have been building on our subtraction skills. Here you can see some of the games that we played.Triangles and Circles 1 played a game called 'Pelmanism'. Pupils needed to find matching pairs of subtraction sums which both totalled the same answer. Circles 2, Squares and Stars played 'Tic Tac Toe' with subtraction sums. As well as finding the answer to each sum they needed to match three in a row to win the game.


Pupils worked really hard and thoroughly enjoyed the sessions. In addition, they made excellent use of their number lines to support them in finding their answers.




Week Beginning 20th April 2015


This week we have embraced our artistic side as part of our New IPC topic 'Our World'. We began by looking at the work of artist and sculptor Andy Goldsworthy. Follow this link to watch him discussing and demonstrating how he creates his artwork using natural materials and the natural landscape. 


We then went out into the school grounds and created our own sculptures.









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